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  1. I currently have a 32gb dedicated server, and run a few servers on it. For a new minigame on my server that SupaHam is coding, I am planning on having it set up with like a 1gb ram lobby server for the minigame, and then 14 512mb servers running the actual game. The servers will only have about 5 plugins, and they shouldn't be very resource intensive. The players will all be in a 256x256 area or less, the rest of the map will be void.

    Would having 14 of those running on the same machine along with my 5 other servers put too much load on the CPU?
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    Depends on your CPU. I also see you having a RAM problem.
  3. The server's CPU is an E3-1240v2. I don't think ram would be an issue, 512x14 is 7gb, and then my other servers bring me up to 28gb.
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    Its the 512MB thing that gets me. GC can spike past that depending on what is happening with the map.
  5. Do you think it would be better to put it at 768mb or like 1gb and then have fewer servers? The games will be hosting 6-8 players btw.
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    How many players do you plan to have on each 512 MB server?
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