Premium [15% OFF] Bot Sentry ⚜ Fastest & most efficient AntiBot system out there! (18/19 ★★★★★ Reviews!)...

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    ✯ Bot Sentry ✯ Mitigate bot attacks in seconds and internally! [BUNGEE] - Block all incoming bot attacks without lag or losing real players!

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  2. Espero que este plugin reciba actualizaciones. Compre el plugin
  3. Please add more Authservers option
  4. Buenas Crack!
    Hace unos minutos hemos implementado una nueva versión!
    Para que el plugin sea estable tan solo tienes que configurar la primera parte, poner tu AuthLobby!
  5. Yes, only bungee for the moment, if you want you can open a Bungee just to have the AntiBots and link it with the other server if its a problem for you, but for now its only BungeeCord.
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  6. Can you add support to firewalld please centos 7
  7. Hello! You can change the Linux Ban command and the Linux unban command, i think it already has support for Centos, try it and tell me, if not, ill add support!
  8. No se que comandos tengo que poner me los puedes decir porfavor
  9. Entra a nuestro grupo de Discord asi hablamos mas fluido crack!
  10. This plugin have command to reload it ?
  11. The command is /bsreload, but i highly not recommend using it, reloads can bug things sometimes, its always better to restart.
  12. Mensaje para Black: xD las 2 chicas me han convencido lo comprare despues papito Raven y Black xd!!