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  1. here

    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: -------------< BotSentry >-------------
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]:
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? All main commands with their descriptions:
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]:
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? /bs apipassword <password> - Sets the API password
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? /bs blacklist <add:remove:clear:contains> [ip] - Blacklisting
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? /bs discord - Gives the plugin's official Discord's link
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? /bs help [command] - Shows a menu with the list of commands
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? /bs notifications - Toggles ActionBar notifications for you
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? /bs off - Deactivates AntiBot Mode manually
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? /bs on - Activates AntiBot Mode manually
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? /bs reload - Reloads all values from the configuration
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? /bs stats - Sends the current plugin statistics
    [03:58:36] [Server thread/INFO]: ? /bs whitelist <add:remove:clear:contains> [ip] - Whitelisting
    >bs stats
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]:
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]:
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]: -------------< BotSentry >-------------
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]:
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]: ? Version: 8.8.1-ARES
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]: ? Whitelisted IPs: 3 IPs
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]: ? Blacklisted IPs: 0 IPs
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]: ? IPs in the queue: 0 IPs
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]: ? IPs checked this session: 0 IPs
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]: ? IPs detected as Proxy this session: 0 IPs
    [03:58:40] [Server thread/INFO]: ? Bad packets prevented this session: 0 packets
  2. My network does not support links to foreign websites
  3. Or maybe I can close it ?
  4. You should allow your server to communicate to in case you want to use our cloud-based features
  5. I use VPS to open the server, and the network of that VPS does not support connecting to the overseas Internet, so can I have a function to delete all the plug-in files automatically every time I restart the server, or not link to your cloud function
  6. We dont have a function that removes plugin files on startup.
  7. So what's the way to turn off the cloud always turn up this message.

    BotSentry ? Error while connecting to BotSentry servers, code 1. You can ignore this error in case of only appearing 2-3 times, if it appears a lot, contact us on discord (/bs discord).
  8. Can you try filtering the message with our custom console filtering?
  9. Before that,how can I solve the problem about close cloud-based features with your say:server to communicate to in case you want to use our cloud-based features
  10. I do not understand what you want to solve.
  11. I just want to solve the problem that every time I restart, I can only delete the botsentry folder to start the server. My server can't connect to the overseas Internet
  12. Hello, please send your discord to give Many issue for BotSentry on Velocity thanks
  13. But if your server cannot connect to internet, how players can join??
  14. You have to purchase or demostrate if your friend has purchased it to receive support.
  15. There you go:

    Take care that we won't hear any of the issues you report until you verify your purchase, because i cannot see you purchased the plugin, atleast from this account that you are using right now.
  16. Hi i have issues with this plugin, i made custom join and quit message in essentials and it works, but after i use this plugin the custom join message didnt pop up, it show the default join message, thx

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  17. Hello, you can disable "sendjoinmessagelater" or "joinmessagelater" in Bot-Sentry configuration.
  18. I meat my server only allow China people from all over the country.But it cannot allow foreign.So how to deploy this plugin config can turn off the function of connecting to overseas Internet.