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Bug 150+ people and server loose connection.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by MineAdmin, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Hello again, I have 4 servers, and dunno why got and error on two of them (posted on before that and the related logs). 2 of my servers are working well but the other one dunno why cant support 80+ people.

    Server start perfectly (like never seen before 20TPS and no lag with 150+ people) but after 15-20 minutes having this huge people server start losing connectivity and start kicking people for "time out".
    reaching kick over 100 people at once, and after that first masskick server start working bad with a lot of lag. Asked in IRC and people said me to change the connection-throotle to -1. Tryed but the same issue. I got the snapshot-protocol on true mby is that causing the problem? Tryed with build 617 - 630 - 631 and the same issue. Updated the NCP and disabled the fastclick.

    Should be emphasized that this issue on build 485 is fixed.

    I made timings and all seems to be working well, no one error or crash on log. Please could you help me? Thanks.

    Tryed with all versions until 661, same issue happening.
    Finally I used craftbukkit dev version and the problem get solved, but the performance now sux hehe.
    Anyway waiting till a spigot version who can support 100+ people.
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  2. Please update your Spigot build and try again. Sounds like your network speed is too low to hold this amount of players without lag, or it could be an issue with netty.
  3. I have simular problem, when there are about 98-100 people online the server seens not to be online on the server list but you can still connect it when you click on the server.
  4. I'm having a similar problem that in 485 is fixed. My people gets disconnected each 5-10 mins for "End of Stream"
    Please help :/
  5. Still having the same problem with whole versions since 416+ until right now 661, server with 150 people after 15 minuts working well starts lagging a lot. Dunno why, timings are right, no errors on log. Some help?
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