18w43a: First 1.14 snapshot

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    I am personally exited for the world gen registries:
    • Added a feature registry
    • Added a registry for decorators
    • Added a registry for carvers
    • Added a registry for surface builders
    also, item lore is now a proper chat component (burn in fire legacy chat) and the lighting engine has been rewritten.
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  3. Although they did add like 1000 new things, I was a little disappointed.
    I was really hoping to see the new villages, new villager skins, berry bushes, foxes, campfires, and a few more things.
    I know that all this stuff IS coming soon, but the way Dinnerbone went on and on about "OMG THIS SNAPSHOT WILL BE SO COOL" really had me expecting more. I just found it a little lacklustre to be quite honest.
  4. Yeah the textures threw me off, I wasn't sure at first if they were the new ones or not til I read the post.
    I usually use the Faithful texture pack, so I just assumed that's what it looks like when its off, haha!
    And I agree, they're adorable, even more so when the summersault
  5. I feel like its done that for me ever since 1.13 snapshots came out. Im on a mac though, and we all know their graphics suck. Really hoping Mojang throws in this new "game renderer" soon! Would be nice to see how much different its going to be.

    When I first started the snapshot today it was HELLA laggy. Then I realized my view distance was set to 22, haha, oops! Dropped it and it seems better, but I do find it a bit laggy. Probably because I'm so used to playing with OptiFine
  6. This snapshot is crazy taxing on the memory and cpu, like, 40% more stress than anything else running. Even in idle. Quite strange.

    At least we play in the matrix now I guess.

    It's fun to try stuff at least, and this is just the first snapshot. On twitter it seems they're open to feedback and listening and asking .. that's a good thing. Dinnerbone's handling it pretty professionally if you ask me.

    I am excited about 1.14's upcoming snapshots as they will introduce more of the features we've heard about and they might just make it in time for the holidays to have 1.14 come out proper.
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  7. Is it any different in Fullscreen mode?
    I remember reading something a while ago in regards to MineCraft/Mac and how if not in fullscreen mode its quite hard on the computer, due to the fact your computer is trying to render graphics for the game along with your desktop at the same time.
    I know that if I play with the small window like that the game is hard on the computer, and when I switch to full screen its smoother.
  8. It's the server itself, the graphics keep up fine. The "tps" is dropping dramatically as the server is running.
  9. Please don't burn it before the action bar finally starts rendering color components though :p
    This is interesting, I haven't looked into it at all but it sounds like a step towards an API... I hope they don't ruin it by making it just yet another powerless scripting feature.
  10. Ah gotcha. Im sure its something they will fix as time goes on, at least let's hope so!
  11. I first thought it was because we maybe were already running 7 other mc servers (1.12 and 1.13 ones) on the same system, as a test we shut those down for 15 minutes, and only run this one, with 4gb ram, and it made no difference. The tps on the other servers when they run all together at once were 19.7 and better. No issues.

    i found an enemy or two;
  12. Good to know.
    I shall download a test server and see how it goes.
    I kind of want to see these matrix animals.

    On bug I noticed, is that the Pillagers don't shoot in the direction they're facing.
    One dude was facing north and shooting a villager behind him. Silly guy.
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    The post did say that since this is the first snapshot it is risky and performance will not be very good at first
  14. We have 3 macs on the network here, i run an instance of 1.14.snapshot on each and they all reported back 100% cpu+
    600+ ticks behind on average.
    I wonder if it's a mac thing.
    Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 20.22.55.png

    Mind you, i could easily start a dozen 1.12 spigot instances without them hitting 10% cpu usage (on single machine) or about 5 of 1.13.1 (which will use more cpu, but aren't an issue).

    I know you can't really compare a snapshot with a tweaked instance like spigot, just saying that it's not the machine this stuff is running on.

    And this:
    (not really complaining or whining or something.. just reporting back impressions)
  15. Gotta keep something for 1.15 :p
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  16. I noticed the Beast is a bit "Quiet" sounding. I mean the thing is huge but when it runs towards you all you hear is its gear jingling. But you dont really hear much for footsteps, the thing should have HEAVE footsteps.
    Anyways I tweeted nathan about it, If you guys feel like supporting/replying to the tweet I would appreciate the help
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  17. Really hyped for 1.14. So far, most of the changes are actually pretty great. MC has really been heading in a great direction recently. Hell, the 1.13 update is what got me back into the game after nearly 2 years away from it.
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  18. 1.14 is really shaping up to be something great! Have you guys read the snapshot notes? They have a new lighting engine! Maybe now light updates won't cause so much lag.
  19. The lighting engine, as of the current snapshot, is only changed on the server. So the light calculations are no longer being handled on the main thread (which is amazing and means that the main server thread will have much less to worry about). It will likely help with server TPS, but won't help with actual client lag/rendering/fps. But hey, maybe in some upcoming snapshots we will see them make the same changes on the client-side.