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  1. @Fiks75 you are not using the latest version of KitPVP. Please download the latest version from the link above.
  2. I translated levels.yml file into Russian

    Yes. I use Vault 1.6.11 and PlaceholderAPI 2.9.2
  3. I use latest version of KitPVP 1.2.9, but in logs it shows 1.2.8.
  4. Do you have the Vault expansion downloaded onto PlacholderAPI?
  5. version 1.2.9 download has v1.2.8 listed in its plugin.yml in the jar file - so my console keeps telling me to update ...lol
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  6. Yeah... sorry that’s my fault. Just ignore it for now :)
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  7. LOL ....my fault is not noticing that this is not yet mc1.13.1 compatible - until i had set up a server and selected a pre-made world to host it on.
    But the best bit is it ran fine until it found a block name error it could not resolve - so now awaiting with anticipation your UPDATE -- lol -- thanks
  8. Can you post the error log? There may be a quick fix for this
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  10. #690 DaDMaR777, Oct 13, 2018
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  11. Oops.. sound error. I’ll fix that in the next update, does it still store the spawn location at the bottom of the config.yml?
  12. yes
    am surprised no scoreboard on screen - but no kills yet so......?
    i usualy have TitleManager but removed it for this server
  13. Yeah, so the spawn is stored thankfully. To display the Scoreboard you need to be in the “Hollow” world.
  14. MC1.13.1
    OK scoreboard came up after I killed a skeleton .....do I need to turn off mob spawn ....or should plugin do that ?
  15. Any errors in the console? Also, I recommend that you join our Discord, so that I can help you much quicker ;)
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  16. @Fiks75 When does this error happen?
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  17. can you make it work on 1.13+?
  18. This is coming in the next update, but I haven’t tested it in 1.13 yet. You should try it and let me know if it works ;)
  19. I did try its buggy some common bugs I found no items in inventory on join no respawn kept in spectator got some errors for some commands!

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