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  1. Hi I would like to know how would I setup 2 spawns? Like say for instance one spawn for new players and then after that they spawn in the SAME world but in a different location? I want new players to spawn in a different location so they can read all the rules and after they did the next time they die they will spawn in a differnt location so they don't have to read the rules again.
  2. Easy, so what you want to do is make a new group with the same tag and call them whatever you want, for this example i will use Member1 and member2
    So what you want to do is, if Member1 is the new join group, do /setspawn Member1
    then what you want to do add Serversigns and make the sign move them to the group Member2 and at the other spawn all you need to do is /setspawn Member2
    And thats it :p
  3. or make an plugin with if player has never played before teleports or executes an command
  4. @jesseke55 I think he wanted to this with essentials :p
  5. ? Ok so I add a 2 groups called member1 and member2. After that I setspawn for member 1 and member2 at both different locations. How would I have the user convert themself to member2 to be able to spawn there?

    ehh... I'm not very good at coding in java atm but I may do it later.
  6. Is rhis server signs thingy a plugin? I thought essentials had a thing where you spawn somewhere for The first time and then you spawn in the other spawn AFTER you die.
  7. @AeriusMC if it does I don't know about it and the server signs thingy lookup the plugin ServerSigns :p
  8. Is there any known way for new users to spawn in a certain place until after they died? I don't want any signs to click on but I would just like someway to have different spawn points for newly joined users and users that died later on.