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  1. Is any one interested in doing graphics or such for a new minigame I have made? if you are please contact me about it :)

    WHY CAN WE NO LONGER REPORT REVIEWS? or is it just me?
  2. I have one question for you.
    When will you ever finish that long requested API for your plugin ?
  3. Yes they removed ability to report people in reviews.
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  4. What api, lolololol, didn't people forget by now ._.
    Well, its rpg, you unlock gear that has custom defence/damage, and the bow has a fixed damage, usually INSTA KILL, unless the target has very strong armor, there are multiple gamemodes, freemode, zombies, challenge(1v1,2v2,3v3,XvX, its infinite) and tournaments, and there are perks, and... AND WELL MANY STUFF, just try to make a sample if you can ;3, basically it should be about the bow because its the strongest thing
    why :(? what am I gonna do with idiots now?
  5. I still get requests daily. Please do it.
  6. which plugin was it again? lol...
  7. "Resource review reports were unanimously voted for to be removed by the staff team. A few of the reasons:
    • 30% of all reports were reviews
      • Yes, thats sometimes 50 reports a day
    • Developers reporting reviews would not take no for an answer
      • Many of denied reports were re-reported
      • Some even upwards of 4 times
    • It is not our place to decide what constitutes a valid review and what isn't
      • Yelp
    • By the law of averages, all developers will be equally affected by this change"

    Yeah. Feel the same way. Some guy rated one of my resources 1 star and then told me the only way he would remove it is if I made him a Stats plugin. I pmed him again and made him remove it though after a little bit of talking. Just PM the bad reviews after you help fix their problem. I've done it before and many times they replaced it with a five star or just removed it.

    When something is abbused (like by developers who don't really have a legitimate issue and just want a real one star removed) you will expect that abbused feature to be removed.
  8. oh well, I shouldn't care any way, my ratings are already destroyed after I went inactive
  9. Pretty much all your plugins...
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