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  1. With the Spigot API, how am I able to do this;

    - nametags
    - individual sidebar

    I know how to do these individually (and have done), but the problem is a Scoreboard will either be for an individual player or everyone. You can see the problem here, tags are supposed to be visible for everyone but sidebars are player specific.

    How can I do this?

    I looked at threads which suggested having player specific, so that the sidebar will function, then in each player's scoreboard having a copy of each team wtih every player in it. I find this inefficient, anyone else? Someone said to use packets but I wouldn't know where to go from here.

    Many thanks
  2. You need to create an Scoreboard for every player.
    With the teams on it for each player's nametag.
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  3. So you're suggesting when a player joins I cycle through every team of every individual scoreboard and add 'em. Is this not inefficient?
  4. No you need to store the strings of the nametags (Teams).
    When someone joins detect if that player has the teams already.
    If not then add the teams.