2 Years and still no players...

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  1. Hi, I created a server like almost 2 years ago which is still open because it's just a hobby and I like it. But, after 2 years, there are still no players... I mean, there are some players, sometimes there are like 5 players, but quickly they go aways. All new players connect for literally 10 seconds before disconnecting. I don't know what I'm doing wrong... If someone could somehow give me an int, that would be fabulous.

    Here is the server ip if someone want to check the server to give me a hint: play.opsycraft.eu
    The server has SkyBlock, Kit-PvP, Bedwars, Factions with RP Quests, customs items, Semi-RP, and more...

    Here is the website: https://www.opsycraft.fr/
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  2. Advertising is the most difficult part. Find youtubers, discord advertisements, or big social media accounts that you can pay to work with
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  3. I am in the same situation, but 5 years instead of 2 years
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  4. Try to create a small trailer for your server, ask to rate your server, create banners and advertise to different forums, add and setup a vote plugin.

    Lastly, based on your website, you are not using English thus limiting a wide range of potential player base.
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    Why do you have that much features for 5 players? I feel like anything besides SkyBlock requires way more than 5 to be fun. Maybe the players that join just see that the server is empty and leave? I suggest focusing on a game mode that is actually fun with that few players (e.g. SkyBlock) and only add new stuff once you've gained players. (This seems to be an issue with lots of people starting out with a new server and the main reason why my server never seriously branched of to minigames, we just focus on survival freebuild and the rest is just added candy)

    And if your goal is to really build up such a network then you are going to have to invest some serious money into advertising to get a couple hundred players online at once so that these gamemodes become fun.
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  6. Strahan


    Yea, you see that a lot... people just throw every conceivable game mode they can think of on the server because they think it's fun, not thinking about what's best for their particular setup.
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  7. We just added the other gamemodes... We were on full Factions gamemode but with that few players we decided to try to get more player with more gamemodes but doesn't seems to work either. (Modes added on 01/01/2020)

    The trailer is already on Youtube, we also tried to contact several youtubers with some little amount of money for a server presentation/gameplay, but we don't have much money to pay youtubers and other ad stuff. And for the forums, as you can see in the votes, we can vote in like 6 minecraft top server site. Maybe I could try to make the server in english to get more peoples ?
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  8. english definitely would help, you could make multi-language support, so person can do /languages and select a language (I did that in my server)
  9. I, too, vouch for English. It’ll reach a far wider player base then.
  10. The problem is that this will most likely negatively affect the community. Think about it; imagine your server which is translated into 10 languages. What language is the community? What language is used on the forums? Most likely it'll be hectic because all players think all languages are allowed (in chat, on forums, on discord) because the server supports these languages.

    Though I agree with the statement of making it English. English is simply the language. Use it, enforce it, advertise in it.
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  11. If you want to add that many gamemodes you need to have a big community for a start, you cannot just create a hub server with multiple gamemodes without anyone to play on it frequently. First step into a server is to create a community, even a small one. Like 5 constant players. Then you add some features, you add some cool things, change the game mechanics. Once you have a lot of players you can then upgrade to an hub server and add new gamemodes ONE BY ONE. Not 5 at a time. It's exponential.

    Also I just visited your website and saw that it is in french so I guess you're trying to reach a french community. As a french speaker myself, I am doing an english server cause the french community isn't as big as the english one and the french community are all on the same big servers and they aren't ready to change
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    I have to disagree a bit here, especially as I run a non-English (German) server and community myself and know that there is a good amount of players in the French player base ‒ and France is one of those countries that doesn't think English is the most important language but they actively try to protect their language against english influence a lot so the chance that existing French players get alienated by changing to English is there.

    Of course if you want to build a big-ish network you will find more potential customers if you do it in English but that's also depending on your goal, maybe you just want to cater to people in your native tongue (like my server) and live with the potential player count being smaller but maybe more dedicated to your community in the long run?

    I have to agree though that supporting multiple languages is not the right thing to do if you are small, especially as it will split your playerbase into multiple smaller ones. The only way you are going to be able to support multiple languages is if you already have a large playerbase and decide to push into the market of another language. Only then I have seen such a move actually work out.
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  13. If language is the problem, you could use a plugin similar to this UltimateTranslate

    If you are having problems with your Native Speaking players?
    Then you need to re-think about how your server works!
    Ask your players how you can improve the server.
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  14. Thanks for all your replies.
    The fact is yes the French community is not that big as the English one. But I think that the biggest point is also that there are maybe too much servers for less players than before because of the other game editions.
    About the game modes. As I said, I added them like 3 weeks ago. So it's not really the main point. I ran the server on full Faction for like 2 years and still there wasn't enough player to be funny to play that mode. If I have to make a full server on a mode that I don't really like to get a player base than I think it's not for me making a server. I do it because I like to do it. Nothing about money or other stuff like that. The think is that I'm ok about advertising. But YouTubers tend to want to be paid a lot for not that much and I don't really have much to spend on it. Anyway, maybe I'm too optimistic in thinking that a server can go on without a real investment of money and that only the way how the server is made will bring player to the server.
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  15. The point I want to reach is simple where is the balance in Minecraft servers?

    I may be the only one who thinks this but youtubers are doing great damage to the Minecraft community
    I'm going to put you in situation
    you have a server which is starting usually you need publicity surely you have tried different methods but really many do not work
    people usually go to youtubers the big scam
    Actually the idea is something stupid because you would have to pay a YouTuber which will record inside your server which you will give a free range and which that YouTuber can do for example 10 videos or a series what it means to that YouTuber more videos = more easy content = more Likes = more money for visualizations = And more money from other possible server owners interested in advertising well I hope you can understand me here.

    I've met YouTubers who charge 60€ or 80€ for videos of a couple of minutes. Is this crazy how we got to this? the answer is mostly server owners with more than 1000 active users

    They are willing to pay these sums of money because they have money left over

    Actually, the Youtubers are similar to politicians, they only promise but they are empty promises since most of their subs are not active, most of their subs no longer play Minecraft, They only enter the server when that Youtuber announces it through their social networks.

    the vast majority of YouTubers kill the community literally
    they control the masses in this case their followers and sell them as cattle, and manipulate them at will

    this is outrageous there are very good servers with very good staff and many hours of work which do not have users for the simple fact of not having YouTubers
    What do you think about this ? or I'm the only one who thinks like that Thanks.
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  16. Totally true. Impossible to find a good youtuber for less than that and when you don't have much money to spend on it, it's just impossible to give them that much money for temporary users... The problem is also that a lot of big youtubers makes their own servers, so the players just go on them trying to met their favourite youtuber or even be on one of their videos which makes them get a lot of player at once without any trouble but little servers which don't have any youtuber are just screwed because of that and we just can't build our server how we want because as we already talked about, making a server with our favourite gamemode to just enjoy and share fun with players it's impossible since you can't even barely get any player at all... I though it could be a great adventure to become a little server owner and have fun doing so but it seem that it's not that easy as I though
  17. Now, that is a conspiracy theory if I’ve ever seen one. I don’t understand half of what you’re saying. How are they “controlling the masses” or “selling their followers as cattle”? How are they “manipulating them”? I’m so confused. You come with all these wack claims and don’t elaborate on them at all. I’ve been on plenty of servers with great communites who’ve never sponsored a YouTuber. And I don’t see how the YouTuber benefitting over playing on your server would be a bad thing if you’re also benefitting from it, but maybe I just don’t get your point.

    Do people actually pay YouTubers to do actual let’s play series on their servers in the first place? I’ve never seen a sponsored let’s play before, but maybe I’m just not watching the “right” YouTubers.

    What I first thought when you were talking about paying YouTubers to advertise a server was just a regular sponsor deal. You know, you pay a YouTuber and they do a segment where they talk about your server at the beginning of the video. I saw Dream do this recently, and he has 1.36 million subscribers. And unlike most YouTubers, he actually almost always gets more views than his number of subscribers. If you look at the numbers, some of his recent videos have over two million subs, while more are close to that number. I feel like that wouldn’t be a bad way to advertise your server.

    ZeTioZ, you should listen to what others are telling you. Getting a small community going isn’t that hard. You just can’t start big with a whole network of different minigames and gamemodes. Sure, it might sound fun to you, but it’s not fun for other players unless there’s a plethora of players on the server already, as many others have mentioned in this thread before me.

    Start with relatively simple gamemodes/gamemodes that are fun without other players playing, such as skyblock or vanilla or semi-vanilla survival, and then, you can go from there. I recommend using a voting plugin such as nuVotifier + VotingPlugin and incentivizing your players to vote every single day with rewards. These rewards could be ranks, items, kits, in-game money, etc.

    I also recommend advertising on the subreddit MCServers. It’s completely free, and it’s easy to get publicity there. I’ve seen servers grow surprisingly big by just posting one Reddit post there, and you’re allowed to advertise your server there once a week (again, for free, since it’s Reddit). Good luck, my friend. I hope you get a player base going.
  18. The only advice I can give for you is the following
    use your acquired knowledge over time
    offers a good quality service for example host your dedicated server
    even to make things easier for users you can use a panel for example
    It is a way to renew yourself and not die
  19. There are for sure some youtubers that doesn't do that. But most of the youtubers that get a sponsored video don't even mention that they are doing so. They just play on the server, tell to viewers to come to play with him, but we all now that's sponsored when he does barely 1-2 videos on it and he is like "Oh my god, this server is so gooood" without even playing really on it... That's the sad truth about that. And, youtubers with millions of subs, does not get payed only 80$ but more likely 8000$ so it's not in the same range of youtubers he was pointing out. I think he was pointing out youtubers with like 10-20k subs which does have a lot of inactives/non-player viewers in their subs.

    I don't think I'll stay in it, I mostly like to develop. So, I'll maybe post some more plugins here and concentrate on studies.
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  20. First of all, I’ve never seen someone pretend not to be sponsored by a server when they actually are. That’s literally against the law.
    And second, sponsoring a 10–20K channel is a horrible waste of money in the first place.
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