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  1. Looks amazing but I will wait to see if it actually works. Would be nice to see a test server.
  2. Does this add the ability to create completely custom music discs? Discs you can insert into jukeboxes and that will broadcast the .nbs music to all nearby players? If so, I'll buy this.
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  3. Can I choose a song cycle?
  4. You can test it in (Spanish server).

    I'm adding that option.

    You can choose repeat the song or random songs. In a future version I can add songs lists :p

    This plugin has a very bugged and limited API. You listen songs with problems. I know this because I worked with this API.
    Also the plugin don't have add / remove commands, repeat modes or support.
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    Please allow us server owners to custom the records.
    I get the idea and the default should be records.
    I use custom textures and would like to make them album covers maybe.
    Also I already use records as guns on my server. So this does not look very good.

    I personally can not use this plugin with its looks.
    It makes me look like I added something that was unfinished.

    Here is what I get on my server...

    It just would not look good on my end. The plugin works but breaks on a startup if you do not have music in the folder.
    Suggestion to warn the user to add music not just have it break and cause a error in console. All in all good work!
  6. Ok, I'm gonna do a fast update!
  7. Please make clear that you're not the creator of noteblockstudio
  8. I never said I was the creator, but yes, you're right! :p
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    Feature Request:

    Add Music Groups|Parties.
    /cnb createparty <partyname> <size>
    "create party"
    permissions or config for party size limits.

    /cnb removeparty <partyname> <size>
    "delete party"

    /cnba removeparty <partyname> <size>
    "delete party admin"

    /cnb party <partyname> invite <player>
    "invites player to your Music Group."

    /cnb party <partyname> remove <player>
    "Removes player to your Music Group."

    The basic idea is to allow some players to have there own music channels.
    The full idea would be to implement player made playlist that they could add or take tracks from.
    Maybe a CD shop that they can buy music to store in there Party Playlist.
    I have a pretty big passion fro music and Minecraft so its either I wait and learn to code this idea myself or
    I throw the suggestion out there and hope for the best.
  10. I REALLY needed this. Thank you.
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    Seams that when a user picks a song the current song still plays?

    Is this per server or user? if per server then needs a cool down or let the song finish.
    An if per player then need to not overlap. Thanks
  12. is everyone on the server supposed to hear the music when a user with the user perm uses /cnb ? I thought that only a forceall makes everyone hear the music?
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    Well for me if I pick a track athen someone else does it plays both at the same time.
    Sounds horrible.... Like just horrible. I do like and get the idea just not working correct for me.