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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Zrips, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. How would one use the cmi.buttonteleport
    As well as cmi.command.alert.inform

    Additionally, I'm having this occur often:

    where it says the player name is not found, but the player is online..
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  2. cmi.buttonteleport is when you pressing on button in GUI when checking saved inventory
    cmi.command.alert.inform allows to see special message about player if he was added into alert list with same command
    Will check why its not grabbing correct player when he is online and post fixed version, currently there is quite few plugins waiting for update for 1.11 version and some issues can acure as of changed API with new mc version
  3. Thanks for the swift response, the alert seems very interesting, which command would be used to add alert messages to players?
    I can see it being very useful to add "staff notes" to players in this manor.
  4. /cmi alert [playerName] ^.^ by adding player into list, any one who have permission node will see message when that particular player logs in
  5. Ah, I was confused, I thought it was like /cmi alert [playerName] [note]
    so for staff to be able to add offline notes for other staff to see while they may be offline.
    /cmi alert [playername] [note example: jailed until spoken to by staff member]

    Guess this would be a feature request then :)

    p.s. Happy to annoucne that I have abandoned the chaos off essentials and moved to using cmi entirely in its place.
  6. Zrips updated Check My Inventory - Offline player support with a new update entry:


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  7. im confused on why half of the stuff in the plugin is in the plugin as it has nothing to do with checking someone's inventory but it's still a great project and i will consider buying
  8. Because name was made for 0.8 version plugin when there was only one function, to check players inventory :) Currently (well quite some time now) i'm thinking about new name to be more appropriate for what this plugin is capable and to avoid confusion like yours ^.^
  9. SpaZMonKeY777

    Wiki Team

    Wow, I haven't checked on this project in a loooong time and MAN it has really grown! I remember asking if you could support offline inventory checks, and now all these extra goodies :p

    Should use the name "Check My Everything!" and go with CME now :p
  10. Yea its grown from 35kb to over 750 ^.^ and yea, its supports offline players for pretty much all commands ^.^

    P.S. You got it for 3 bucks, thanks for helping to motivate this project ^.^
  11. Zrips updated Check My Inventory - Offline player support with a new update entry:


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  12. Hi, i seem to be having a slight issue using the repair command on other users. When using command to /cmi repair <name> hand/armor or all, nothing happens. Nothing gets printed in game, but i see in the console it says no permission. I have the relevant perms and it Used to work, so unsure if this is just happening to me.

    Using on newest build of spigot ( at time of posting )

  13. i have a little Problem:
    Players cant move itmes in theire inventory..
    i checked a bit the permissions

    Try to Move the item in Gm0 as Admin

    Try to move the Item in gm0 as Player

    Green means Player has permission:
    Red means Player has no Permission:
    The Plugin CMI seens the Player has not and send him the message
    "You have no permission"

    Looks like it scan forthis on itemmove in enventory in the latest Version?
    currently i solved this with giving my Players this permissions...
    but that is no final solution :D

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  14. Hi Zrips. I really like your plugin - I use it on my server all the time especially after the we got the "player-off-line"
    I have to ask if you have considered adding one feature: show total player time.
    You have added so many fancy features that require extensive coding, but I have not found this (simple) option.
  15. the command /cmi fixchunk have a problem in the "r" atribute, when i tried use it the server reponse was "Please use numbers!", i tried the command /cmi fixchunk w world r 20 and dont work :c
  16. This Needs To Work With Java 9 As PlotĀ² is soon to work with java 9 i up dated to it and this plugin crashed my server