200% cpu usage, lag

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Blackyvk, May 6, 2015.

  1. Your server doesn't lag?
  2. it is lagging, slow response with only 15 players on a dedicated server. over 200% cpu usage and nobody was using worldedit which is the only plugin I know can use that much in my server.
  3. Update Dynmap and the plugin which handels /sethome and you should be fine.
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  4. Intel Xeon E3-1230V2 (3.30+Ghz)
    16 gb ram
    SSD drive
  5. OVH i see. Make sure you're not exceeding your ram percentage
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  6. hmmm i guess i'll give more ram to this server and see what happens... since dynmap and the other plugins are already at their lastest version.
  7. ha... the server crashed due java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

    I changed to this

    it was 6G before and top command said I was already using 6GB... maybe dynmap was leaking i'll see later if it happens again.

  8. Can you please provide me your start file?

    and what OS are you using
  9. Do not use default dynmap settings, tweak it to render at lower resolutions. Render a set radius all in one go, instead of having players go to areas and render them at random times.
    Inside the Spigot.yml config, turn down the entity activation range
    for mobs make it 28, animals 12, other 12
    Max tick time,
    tiles -> 20
    entities -> 20
    max entity collision -> 3
    render distance -> 7

    inside your bukkit.yml
    spawn-limits > adjust to your liking, this is number of mobs spawned per chunk, I have them on 16, 16, 5, 5
    animal-spawns: anything you want, 600 is good
    monster-spawns: anywhere between 60 to 120

    Feel free to message me if you need more help with it.
  10. and which settings on dynmap are those if you can tell me! I read the settings file and i cant find a global render or something like that...
  11. "Global render" is an in game command you can type to render a specified radius from your location.
    /dynmap radiusrender <radius> <mapname>
  12. oh I understand, ill find a way.

    today i found something that I think was one of the issues.... we have a script to do backups and uses save-off before backup, somehow the save-on didnt work and kept over 14.000 chunks loaded the whole day with 3800 entities... I hope this was the real problem, i'll check later when people start logging in to see the results. I also edited bukkit and spigot the way you recommended.

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