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    Change of heart.
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  2. Who are you? Seriously, I have absolutely no clue who you are. What's zyphior?
  3. Bad idea! Stick with Xenforo it's way more professional and if you do it right it looks amazing! Enjin is fine and it helps that it is almost built for minecraft but it seems to come with a worse reputation of being for noob servers. I personally very much dislike Enjin with its user account handling and the fact that it is hooked to a master database and other things like free advertising of other servers all around like in the user profile pages and things like that. I don't use Enjin although i have in the past and didn't like it. I haven't really had a bad expirence with Xenforo and when my website was actually setup people said it was breathtaking. I could probably list of 50 reasons why i like Xenforo and 50 reasons whyi dislike Enjin but thats just my opinion.
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