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  2. Are you trying to decide between both or just looking for opinions? I'm very confident you will be happy with Shockbyte if you wish to use us again - we have a very strong reputation and many users of this forum use our services. Our clients range in size from small servers to very large networks, so our services are certainly viable for servers of any size.

    One clear benefit of Shockbyte over FadeHost is that our services are half the price.
  3. For quality and quality support? Shockbyte is the place to be
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    If your current host is so great, why are you looking to move...

    Support is a very subjective thing, so if their support is good for you why move...
  5. I used shockbyte back in the days and fadehost. Shockbyte might be a bit slower but they will give you information that is useful. Fadehost is in my opinion a bit expensive for the things that I used to do..
  6. Personally, I prefer Fadehost. The owner is pretty much always willing to help, With all of their services (Domains, MC Hosting, VPS's and Teamspeak) your pretty much set.