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  2. Is it strictly OnePlus 3 or the OnePlus 3T? Same applies for Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge?

    I'd also advise waiting for the OnePlus 5, but if patience is not an option (as the OP5 has no official confirmation), then look at the Galaxy S8/Galaxy S8+ too. It's a nice phone.

    PhoneArena comparison of OnePlus 3T (OP3T) vs Galaxy S7 Edge (S7E): http://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/OnePlus-3T,Samsung-Galaxy-S7-edge/phones/10313,9818

    I have a OnePlus 3, if you're getting an OP3, you might as well get the T for the extra power. The OP3T is newer than the S7E, but both have the same size screen of 5.5, similar weight of 158g vs 157g, and fingerprint unlock. The S7E is dust and water resistant, something OnePlus is yet to do. Samsung are renowned for their amazing display and the S7E rocks a better resolution and pixel density. Both cameras on the OP3T are better than the S7E, in terms of megapixels. The OP3T also has a bigger aperture size, but smaller pixel size. Under the hood, the OP3T packs more power, RAM and storage, however, the S7E's battery is bigger and supports wireless charging. The OP3T has Dash Charging, which really lives up to the 60% in 30 minutes motto. Both phones have similar support for protocols, but you'd need to check that for what is required. The OP3T's support for multiple SIM cards has it's uses, but in general everyday life, isn't used. The price of the OP3T is a lot lower than the S7E, with the OP3T being £400 and the S7E being £600 (I know you're not in the UK, but the price difference will exist elsewhere too).

    I do like my OP3, the price, performance and overall phone design is nice. The only downside is that OnePlus are kinda slow at updates, you'll be running OxygenOS, which is near stock Android but any modifications by OnePlus can sometimes prove fatal to the phone. The development of OxygenOS for the OP3/OP3T is open-source, but I can't comment on that as I haven't looked into it. From what I've heard, the curved part of the S7E can be annoying if your hand touches it as the phone's touch messes up.

    Samsung has a habit of bloatware and is moving more and more away from Google. Everything Google does software wise, is also done by Samsung. Sometimes quite well, but other times just proves annoying as Samsung won't support some stuff that Google does and vise versa.
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  3. Samsung Galaxy S8 is brilliant.
    But the S7 is still an epic phone ;)
  4. Out of the two choices, I'd go with an S7.
  5. I would choose an S7
  6. iPhone 8 when it comes out
  7. I would stick with a Samsung Galaxy as for the iPhone is basically the same thing over and over, not many features maybe small upgrades but that usually it. You have more freedom with android then you do with Apple.
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    It'd be nice if you leave my thread unless you stick to the preexisting options.
  9. iPhone 8 :)

    Just making that hardcore apple haters mad :)
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    I'm not an apple hater, far from it actually considering I own an iPad and formerly an iPod 5. Big fan of their products, and used a 7 for quite a while till I wanted to switch back to android.

    Once again, it'd be delightful if you could leave my thread.
  11. I use an LG v20 and it's quite magnificent! Beautiful phone. I know it's not in your list of options, but maybe consider it if ya want. The G6 is also super nice as well.
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    Cook your pet fish! That'd be equally as funny to me as it is to you to try and annoy me.
  13. I agree!
  14. So... got my Samsung S8 a week ago. It's awesome.

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    Perfect, thread locked. I'm getting an S7.
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