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  1. i have found the UUID only works with people who have logged into the server for some reason.. i made a test here's the contents of "Test.yml" in my custom luckyblocks folder. it DOES texture the block.. but it does not bind to the block.. so placing it litterally only seems to place a player's head not a luckyblock. i think thats the issue... your plugin merely gives me a normal player head named as its named. maybe it expects the normal luckyblock's name instead so it simply doesn't see it as a luckyblock?

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  2. Hmm, that might actually be on mojang's side. Will see what I can do.
  3. ok cool. i'm not so worried about the textures so much as the block actually beeing seen as a custom luckyblock
  4. Suggestion to add compatibility with heads database so that skins can be found easier
  5. Will see what I can do. Thanks for the suggestion!
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  6. I have another couple suggestions,
    • Make the message the player gets when receiving a luckyblock from console optional via config (maybe make a permission so that only players who have that permission can see the "Console has sent you a luckyblock" message) this way vote reawrding plugins can handle the messages, whilst still being able to see the message when a player sends a luckyblock to another player
    • In the LuckyMining section of config make it so that each block type in blocknames can have seperate drop chances instead of the overall chance
    • Please add PlaceholderAPI compatibility
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  7. And how do I find out the playername for a certain skin texture? Or is there another way to apply the texture for the block? Cause atm only being able to use a players name to apply the texture/skin makes it very hard to apply custom textures because of how hard it is to find the player names for them.

    I'd recommend using headsdatabase API so custom player heads can be used without having to look for playernames
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  8. Also "/slb reload" doesn't seem to apply changes made to config
  9. Will look into these too :)
    PlaceholderAPI is already compatible, but I only have one placeholder which is how many luckyblocks you have broken. I don't know any other ones to add.

    If you use a UUID for the skin you can convert it. Just Google "minecraft uuid to player".
    I will see if headdb compatibility is possible.

    I'm aware of this, but haven't been able to fix it yet.
  10. Not saying I don't beleive you but if PlaceholderAPI is already working then how come %essentials_nickname% doesn't work I have the expansion downloaded and all that and it works on other plugins but not this one?
    Code (Text):
        # When enabled, it will broadcast a message on every luckyblock break.
        Enabled: false
        # The message which will broadcast.
        # %player% will be replaced with the user which broke the block.
        Message: '%essentials_nickname% broke a LuckyBlock!'
    I already tried using UUID converter for this UUID (0e037952-99cb-4690-b305-ef25f6ce1125) but it can't find it even though it's on minecraft heads as one of the luckyblocks on there. This is the luckyblock I want to use[/QUOTE]
    Ok :)
  11. Oh I get it, placeholderapi in messages isn't supported yet. Will add it.

    Also, I heard more people about the UUID thing and will see if I am able to fix it.
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  12. Why is the custom square in the luckyblocks folder unusable, it's just a normal head, nothing?

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