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  1. Hi. It's already enabled. The only line in the timings that uses too much resources is
    StrikePractice::Task: ga.strikepractice.b.IlIlIlIlIIllIIIIIllllIlllIIIIIllllIIIllIllIllllIIl.IlIlIlIlIIllIIIIIllllIlllIIIIIllllIIIllIllIllllIIl (interval:1), which gives me no information about where to begin to look for problems.

    El React solo se lleva el 3% de cada tick. El consumo está en el StrikePractice que compré.
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  2. Pretty sure that's the scoreboard. Check it's config (but don't enable async). Also be sure there aren't errors or other plugins using scoreboards. Also if you have tab list enabled you can try disabling it.
  3. I've sent it because sometimes the players spawns without the spawnitems and sometimes spawn with the kit that they were fighting, and sometimes they spawn withour any items in the lms event and the others users spawn with the kit
  4. What setting is good for a 20 users server? I'm having lag problems too after 5 hours of uptime, i've set everything to be a performance server but it'ls having tps drops after some hours of uptime
  5. This is the bug that i mentioned
  6. Hi. More information is required. I haven't been able to replicate the bug.

    Performance-mode does the job on a good host. There isn't much anything else unless you want to disable scoreboard.

    Sorry I can not help with this little information especially because it doesn't happen normally.

    You can always contact me on discord to give more information and I reply faster there.
  7. What's your discord?
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  8. Something similar has happened to me, after re-creating the kit I managed to solve it
  9. What kit? because i have created a copy of the default NoDebuff kit so for example the LMS event will have the LMS kit instead of NoDebuff (but they have the same items(, but the bug is still happening
  10. I had the problem with several kits that I modified, in others the armor was left with 0 damages and broke with a single blow.
    I can not explain the problem, but there is a small bug when saving it in creative. I should try survival mode to see if it is solved
  11. Hey, I messaged you on Skype. I want to buy strike practice. I have $10.39 which is 8.99 EUROS but spigot isn't letting me buy it. Most likely because of taxes. Could I have your email so I can send you the money without paying taxes? I would appreciate it!
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  12. Hi. I think PayPal takes a little fee in currency conversions. Sorry but I only accept payments through spigot so I suggest you to either wait for better exchange rates or get a few cents more (I don't know how much paypal takes)
  13. Got a few cents more, bought it. It works like a charm.
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  14. Saved it on survival and took the items from gamemode 1 instead of doing /battlekit give but it's still happening
  15. Hey, I tried out the pvpbot today, and it doesn't work. As in it keeps like head twitching and you can't attack it. How would I fix that?
  16. Hey, I have a question, (I don't know if it's been answered before) but how does the Overwatch work?
  17. Hi. It's most likely that you either have wrong version of citizens or other plugins/spigot is causing that. Be sure you have regular spigot or paperspigot. Contact me on discord Toppe#4670 to get correct citizens version.
  18. Hi. If you mean the hacker overwatch reporting system. It's not really out of beta or anything yet and haven't been developing it for a while. It's unlikely that it will be published anytime soon (and not guaranteed to work at the moment, hence I don't mention it on the plugin page). If you mean something else please specify :)
  19. Can you create a 3 KB settings?

    ComboKb 1.3.7 version of strikepractice

    ComboFlyKb 1.9.0 version of strikepractice

    Normal KB 1.9.0 version of strikepractice please add thath
  20. You can purchase that feature. If you're interested in it contact me on discord.