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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Toppe, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. I want to buy the plugin but I want you to anwer me in discord first.
    I am DayColor#8301
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  2. With the plugin the server is crashing a lot, i tried without the plugin and it was online for 2 days, and with the plugin it can't be online for 2 hours, it just says "The server stopped responding!", i can send you my config
  3. Awesome plugin, are you able to add so that in 1v1's the name above the players head is red for the opposite player, and green for yours, similar to velts and arcanes
  4. Hi. Depending on how many players you have and your host, I'd not expect the plugin run smoothly with very low end host and many players.

    Hi, the plugin already has that :) (The bot just doesn't have it in the screenshot, depends on bot config)
  5. Where abouts are you able to change both the player and bot tag?
  6. Dedicated server from OVH, the Intel i7 6700k one and the practice server has 8gb and there are around 10 players online, it should not crash in less that 2 hours
  7. You should be able to change players prefix (add color for example) and how bot's name is formed (I cant check right now but I think citizen allows color codes too)

    Some servers are running with 150+ players for 10+ hours with this plugin. Private message me if you believe it's a problem with StrikePractice
  8. Citizens does, but for players where abouts in the config is it
  9. Code (Text):
    #The prefix of the team1
    #Own team
    team1-prefix: '&a'
    #The prefix of the team2
    #Enemy team
    team2-prefix: '&c'
    You can also contact me via skype, telegram or discord :)
  10. @Toppe

    I found a 2 bugs:
    Party vs bots sometimes doesn't end. You kill all the bots but the plugin don't see them as death. So you get a endless game. This doesn't happen every match but it does occur regular
    When you disband a party you get a random code ín the chat like this: [​IMG]
  11. Thanks for reporting. I'll update soon which fixes the chat message thing and some other bugs and I'll check party vs bots later but do you have always-same-skin true or false?
  12. Always same skin is on true :)
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  13. Maybe also a good suggestion is to be able to make like leaderboard hologhraphics. With top 10 elo or top 10 kills, etc.

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