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  1. What do you mean exactly? Spawnitems? Create them with the /spawnitem create command and hold the item in your hand.

    Unfortunately I don't have much free time nowadays. Also some of the listed things are already configurable, I recommend checking the latest config version by deleting and taking backup of the old one
  2. Thanks for informing me. Please delete or edit your post so less people will find the link
  3. Hey! Are the items in the hotbar able to be disabled and can players join via a sign aswell?
    Or if we can make it the items in the hotbar only appear in a certain world?
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  4. How do i completely disable the premium queue?
  5. Hi. You can edit the spawnitems so yes you can delete them. You can also set so you don't get them when you join the server but there's no easy way to enable them only in specified worlds. StrikePractice doesn't support signs but that's possible with the API though
  6. You really can't, only way is to delete the spawnitem
  7. I think u can try out PerWorldPlugin to disable Strikepractice in certain worlds
  8. Last question: how do i set up an arena only for sumo(and spleef)? Most tutorials are outdated
  9. Hi, the arena system is still same. Use /arena arenaname kits kitname
  10. Can you add my server to the test server? This is a super cool server from China!
    Thank you
  11. Hi. I might check it later and possibly add
  12. i got this error for no reason at all pls help and the error would repeat itself every 5 seconds or so, the server (ingame) would still work properly
    Screenshot_32.png i just dont want a ton of error popping up on my console tbh
  13. Is that regular spigot? If so try giving it more ram if it doesn't have enough, try disabling scoreboard and if it still happens try googling. Haven't seen that error before, no one has reported anything like that
  14. Yes it is caused by the scoreboard, and im also using ragespigot(1.8.8)
    does strikepractice require any plugin in order to work?
  15. No it doesn't. But only paperspigot and regular spigot are supported officially
  16. This is the best public Practice plugin and it's definitely worth the price, thank you!
  17. Can you guys fix the kit editor so you can use the anvil to save more kits! Now you cant even save more then 1 kit! Make it that you get an book when you get in the arena:)
  18. Is it possible to add this plugin into a survival server just for the sake of the events? Like disable all those Items in hotkeys and stuff when there's event going on then players just use command to join?
  19. My MINIGAME plugins and this plugin will run in the same world, causing a lot of bugs. How can I make this plugin only run in a certain world?

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