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  1. Players that have permissions for hostevent don't have cooldown that is set in config. Can you please look into this?
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  2. Can I enable this only after player join the arena world?
  3. Hi, i have a problem in sumo mode, when you start the game for a couple of seconds you can't hit each other, in the other modes it doesn't happen
  4. If you set join-lobby-teleport: false in the config the plugin won't give the items. You must use some other plugin that will execute /spawnitems give <player> (console command)

    Hi. Go to essentials' config and set "teleport-invulnerability: 0"
  5. Hi,

    I have a important problem.
    Sometimes after a fight (at the present time it's only after a PARTY fight) A bug appears with errors on log.
    All players at the spawn/lobby was buged and can't move or see builds (screen :

    Log error :

  6. Hi. You can pm me on discord: Toppe#4670 or join the discord server to get a developer build that has it fixed. Will update later here
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  7. BUG 1: When 3 players create a party and join a match, one player leaves party with /party leave and joins other ranked match, other two end match and get teleported to spawn, player one can't be hit, like he has god mode (probably because he is still assigned as a player of party match).

    BUG 2: Players can still build outside arenas even if the new config option is added in config.
  8. You must set the arena corners.
    You can disable /party leave command while in a match
  9. Hey, how can I make it so /battlekit anticheat works? (As in, people can only queue that kit with Lunar Client AC ON)
  10. Unfortunately, not possible.
  11. Hey so, for bot duels the bots miss all their pots and sprinkle it anywhere and it's weird, it also sends nullpointer errors everytime the bot pots, i tried changing our spigot and jar but it wasn't that.
  12. Please contact me on discord: Toppe#4670 (most likely something with the configuration)
  13. added
  14. The plugin throws some warning at using the bot-system on 1.14 servers. Also they are still visible at the next round using the same arena (I am using an older version and will try a newer one in the next days).
  15. hi, excuse me i'm a bit remote and sluggish on this. but I reconfigured my serv, I have a query.
    Is there a way to get the rank (silver, gold, emerald and diamond) to come out in the chat?

    example: "[SILVER1] Brandhy: hello"
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  16. Hi. There can be multiple reasons why the bots stay on the arena. For example if it's wrong version of citizens plugin or if you have disabled "always-same-skin" in the config.

    Hi. If your chat plugin supports PlaceholderAPI. You can use %strikepractice_elo_rank% placeholder
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  17. Yeah, I did. Thank you! :D
  18. Hello again, I need help with this. A few moments ago, the pl stopped working completely, it does not allow to use /unranked, /ranked or /party commands (it only allows opening the kiteditor).

    Here are the errors in the console:

    -Also, I want to report an error I have with your marker. In events I can't see player2 in any way, even using default settings... when using it arranged horizontally I can only get player1vsplayer1 (even being player2 in the config)
    Code (Text):
      - ''
      - '&fEvento: &aSumo &e<total_duration>[display=<sumo_started>]'
      - ''
      - '&fJugadores: &c<players_left>/<total_players>'
      - ' &e<current_fight_player1> &cvs &e<current_fight_player2>[display=<sumo_started>]'
      - ' &c(&e<player1_ping>ms&c) &cvs &c(&e<player2_ping>ms&c)[display=<sumo_started>]'
      - ' &c(&e<player1_cps>CPS&c) &cvs &c(&e<player2_cps>CPS&c)[display=<sumo_started>]'
      - ''
      - '&'
    Code (Text):
      - '&7&m------------------------'
      - '&6Sumo'
      - '&e<current_fight_player1> &f(&e<player1_ping> ms&f)[display=<sumo_started>]'
      - '&fvs[display=<sumo_started>]'
      - '&e<current_fight_player2> &f(&e<player2_ping> ms&f)[display=<sumo_started>]'
      - '&fPlayers&7: &e<players_left>&7/&e<total_players>'
      - '&fFight Duration&7: &e<duration>[display=<sumo_started>]'
      - '&fEvent Duration&7: &e<total_duration>[display=<sumo_started>]'
      - '&7&m------------------------[display=!<is_enderpearl_cooldown>]'
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