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  1. Hi. Both are known problems and seem to be fixed in development version (will publish on spigot soon). You can contact me on discord: Toppe#4670 and I can send it.
  2. Great, I'll be waiting for the next update then. In the meantime I will continue testing the current one and try to communicate any problems that arise
  3. Here I have another new bug that was reported to me.

    apparently when there is a spectator in between the players, he can receive the arrows and prevent the surviving player from being hit
  4. Hello (sorry I do not speak English well) there is a problem with the interaction with the player on leaving the editor kit with a sign or even when I use the chest or even the anvil

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  5. Hello can you help me please, I config kits.yml but I have "Â" in the name of kits for play example "§a§lNodebuff" do you have a solution because if I restart my serveur after config kits.yml he change with "Â" everytime.

  6. try it saving the yml with the server turned off, the same thing happened to me
  7. Hi. The plugin doesn't do anything about that, instead you could use Paper (spigot) that should have that fixed.

    Hi. It says "Invalid inventory size". Place a normal chests in the kit editor area. Seems like it doesnt want to work with the chest you used (the refill chest to get more items)

    I think you contacted me already. Anyway, stop the server before editing the files.
  8. If it's not a headache for you, can you add an option to put viewers into gamemode 3? It would be very useful as an option, to correct it without changing the spigot.

    even so thanks for the recommendation, I'll keep waiting for the update
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  9. Hi.
    Be sure you have PlaceholderAPI and HolographicExtension
    Then you should be able to use the placeholderapi placeholders in them.

    Code (YAML):
    : world, -473.457, 10.000, -1684.461
     - '&6Top Kills'
      - '&a#1 {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills1% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills1_value%'
      - '&a#2 {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills2% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills2_value%'
      - '&a#3 {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills3% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills3_value%'
      - '&a#4 {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills4% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills4_value%'
      - '&a#5 {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills5% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills5_value%'
      - '&a#6 {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills6% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills6_value%'
      - '&a#7 {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills7% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills7_value%'
      - '&a#8 {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills8% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills8_value%'
      - '&a#9 {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills9% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills9_value%'
      - '&a#10 {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills10% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_kills10_value%'
    : world, -470.820, 10.000, -1692.191
     - '&6Top Global Elo'
      - '&a#1 {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo1% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo1_value%'
      - '&a#2 {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo2% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo2_value%'
      - '&a#3 {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo3% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo3_value%'
      - '&a#4 {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo4% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo4_value%'
      - '&a#5 {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo5% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo5_value%'
      - '&a#6 {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo6% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo6_value%'
      - '&a#7 {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo7% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo7_value%'
      - '&a#8 {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo8% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo8_value%'
      - '&a#9 {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo9% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo9_value%'
      - '&a#10 {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo10% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_global_elo10_value%'
    : world, -479.409, 10, -1691.028
     - '&6Top NoDebuff Elo'
      - '&a#1 {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo1% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo1_value%'
      - '&a#2 {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo2% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo2_value%'
      - '&a#3 {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo3% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo3_value%'
      - '&a#4 {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo4% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo4_value%'
      - '&a#5 {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo5% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo5_value%'
      - '&a#6 {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo6% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo6_value%'
      - '&a#7 {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo7% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo7_value%'
      - '&a#8 {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo8% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo8_value%'
      - '&a#9 {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo9% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo9_value%'
      - '&a#10 {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo10% - {slow}%strikepractice_top_elo_nodebuffelo10_value%'
  10. HolographicExtension Spigot version 1.7.10?
  11. Their page says "Supports 1.8-1.15.1"
  12. Hello, I want to report a very serious problem that is happening to me. Lately I have had very repeated occasions where two games come out in the same arena, be it unclassified / classified / party, sumo event / etc.
    These players can stick together, but their records and deaths have their corresponding parts. I also get an error message that appears every 2.5 seconds, I need help with this

  13. Hi. You most likely have accidentally created 2 arenas in one physical arena. Next time there are 2 fights do /sprac findarena to find the closest arena and delete it with /arena delete <arena name>. (if the name contains e.g arenas_1: delete the arena that is after the ":"). After that /sprac findarena probably returns the other arena. You might need to restart after doing that. I'll update soon and I think the error should be fixed then
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  14. rlly strikepractice is totally full bugged spec items: droped on arena, scoreboard is slow, party settings is trash...., please add command /party open, rlly secret commands /queue /queue leave /unranked leave /ranked leave, duel settings is trash /duel, /duel toggle....... totally bugged, strikepractice have 50+ bugs
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  15. This guy hasn't even purchased the plugin :rolleyes:
  16. Hello, I wanted to congratulate you on the latest update of the pl.

    The truth is running smoothly so far, that's a huge relief for server players. And I wanted to have some query, is there any way to make that when players are removed from some sumo or brackets event they are only sent to the (/[sumo-brackets] setlobby) and not the (/sprac spawn)? Many enjoy watching the fights and that is a great drawback to this. I don't know if there is a possibility or not, it would be good if I could add it.

    Beforehand thank you very much
  17. Hi. Glad it helped you! Spectating after the event is not possible. There were some bugs players getting stuck in the arena so it was (temporarily) removed. Might add it back a bit later. One workaround is to create a custom warp to the spectator area.
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