2b2t like bookban / peek patch

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  1. Hey I'm having some trouble with my server. Playerdata to be precise. I'm currently working on custom items and many other stuff which stores a LOT of NBT data. The issue is that if you put too many inside of the items in a shulker and have 1.3-ish of them you essentially bookban yourself. Because of this I'm looking for a plugin similar to what 2b2t uses. For people who don't know what it does (this is what I believe it does). It assigns an UUID to every shulker and stores it's data in a folder outside of the playerdata folder. When a player requests to open it it loads the data previously stored outside of the playerdata. This would prevent the playerdata files from being overloaded. If anyone knows the plugin what does this please tell me. (I hope it's public) If there's any other solution to this other than "just make the item sizes smaller" please tell me! I'm in desperate need of a fix!
  2. My plugin is able to do something similar to that. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/⚡-mtbackpacks-⚡-teammt.87516/

    It stores all data in external files and only gives items inside the backpack. It's important to note that it's a backpack plugin, so you will need to remove shulkers from the game and replace them with 27-sized backpacks. If you have any questions add me on discord!
  3. That sounds promising! Is there any way I can make shulkers convert into backpacks? Because there's many shulkers on the server and I don't wanna remove all of them...
  4. There isn't really a way for you to do that via config, however, what you could do, to allow your players to craft a 27-sized backpack with a shulker. Keep in mind that it won't keep the items of the shulker inside of it, however, it will let players convert their shulkers into backpacks.

    I assume a moderately experienced dev should be able to make you a plugin that is able to convert the shulkers to backpacks using some kind of command, something like /convertshulker since the plugin has a pretty well-documented API.
  5. Oh okay. I'm not sure how I'm gonna do it then. But if I try it out I could try to make such a plugin myself. I'm beginning to learn java so it would be a fun project for me :)