Bungee - Spigot [2LS] CleanMOTD - The ligthest MOTD plugin 0.2.7a

Simple and light plugin to manage the MOTD (Ping message) of your server.

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    BungeeMOTD - Simple and Light plugin to manage the motd of your BungeeCord Network.

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    BungeeMOTD - Update 0.0.3

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  3. fakeplayers_mode: "DIVISION"
    not work x)
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  4. Can you explain what doesnt work from that?

    It works like this:

    10 players online + 10/(number)

    If you set for example 2 it will show 15 players.

    In case it still doesnt work, check you dont use any other motd plugins.
  5. I don’t Know When i am in my server, its 1/400 and not 2/400
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  6. Test with more players, it wont work with 1.

    You can install a fakeplayers plugin and add 5 and you will see it shows 10 instead.
  7. Im probably going to update this plugin soon, maybe with some small optimizations :)
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  9. Can defense MOTD attack ?
  10. You need a antibot that protects you from that, this plugin is compatible with 2LS AntiBot, so if you use 2LS AntiBot, this plugin is compatible with the protection 2LS AntiBot brings for ping/motd attack.
  11. Where can download
  12. It is not listed anywhere in the documentation, hence this bump.

    Does this feature a maintenance mode?
  13. Nope, just change the motd in the configuration and do reload of the plugin.