Bungee - Spigot [2LS] CleanMotD - The ligthest MotD plugin 0.2.7

Simple and light plugin to manage the motd of your server.

  1. Look like good! Please can you add a specific motd for banned players?
  2. Thanks, how would i know when a player is banned?
  3. hmm. Get a value from banned players list and get ip of the plaer when he ping the motd. (Yes i am not know Java as well)
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  4. You cannot ban players in bungeecord, i cannot detect when a player is banned.
  5. Oh, sorry! I think that this pluin support spigot.
  6. There would need to be a websocket plugin for the bungeecord to communicate with spigot servers. This requires two different files and isn't necessary for a plugin of this nature.

    If you need a plugin to support something like that, you should look into a custom solution. There are plenty of helpful users here on the Spigot website that I am sure are willing to give a helping hand.
  7. I love this plugin - I use it on a bungee network, but would like to use on a single server also; is it possible to use with Spigot?
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  8. Not yet, maybe soon :)
  9. Does this plugin support UUID's or does it welcome players again when they change their IGN?
  10. This is for changing the ping MOTD, doesnt welcome players.

    But maybe i could make a plugin like that...
  11. Please add feature, min and max fake players to config in random mode, This will make it more realistic, and if (min - max) fake players can join the real ones better.

    Some Like This:

    # Do you want to enable this module?
    enabled: true

    # Sets the amount of fakeplayers.
    # amount: 40
    # Sets
    MIN and MAX fake players for RANDOM mode
    min: 30
    max: 40

    # Available Modes:
    # "STATIC": Adds the value of MAX fakeplayers to the amount of players online.
    # "RANDOM": Adds a random amount of players between MIN and MAX fakeplayers value.
    # "DIVISION": Adds the amount of players online divided by the MAX fakeplayers value.

    mode: "RANDOM"

    It doesn't have to be exactly the same, but it would be good to be able to place a minimum value of random fake players.
  12. I will think about it :)
  13. Hello! I think i have found a bug, when you have made changes to the motd and then execute the command reload, the motd doesn't update. Only when you restart the server.

    EDIT: Also you can't only use the character & in the MOTD because it translate to color.
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  14. Oh, i know what the problem was. but the & character in the MOTD doesn¨t work.
  15. Hi, "&" character cant be fixed, it is used for color.