3 chargebacks (Idea)

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  1. I got 3 charge backs resulting in almost -$400 in my account. I read somewhere that if you ship a package to them you can most likely win your case. So since it has only been 1 day since the payment can I still ship them a package and win the case?
  2. If it was something they 'purchased', probably. I'm not sure you can just ship them something random and say, see! look! I sent them something!

    Sorry, haha, that was condescending.
  3. And that's exactly why I created this thread
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  4. Because I'm a condescending ass?
  5. I have no idea where you got that from

    I'm not sure you can just ship them something random and say, see! look! I sent them something!
  6. Oh. Right, haha, so I said something good. :/

    Seems like I'm in a self-deprecating mood...
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    Well don't just send something random. Actually have it listed in your shop that certain ranks will receive a hand written letter and a sticker/button with our servers logo on it. Then when they purchase it, ship it to their Paypal address, and voila, you now have a tracking number. They chargeback? Provide the proof of shipping, and you are set.

    This of course adds more cost and time/labor into your purchases, but if you get tons of chargebacks, may be worth looking into :)
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  8. Thanks, I am really new to credit card chargebacks :p
  9. I'm thinking about sending a package containing the download information (spigot's premium link).. with that package and download record (at Spigot)...will it increase the chance of winning?
  10. Your best chance of disputing the charge-back is to contact your paypal/stripe/etc asap, it shows them that you are a legitimate service and the charge-back was unnecessary. Another way to possibly avoid extra fees if it's not too late due to a charge-back is to refund the money, you will still be out the original amount but won't get the fees for a charge-back.