[30$ reward] Help me fix lag

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Heliosard, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Don't build half of your server in Skript. Get rid of it and find proper Java plugin replacements.

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  2. Timings indicate that Skript represents 3% of the tick, is that enough to make the server lag?
  3. I think (not 100% sure, tagging wikipedia boy @electronicboy to clear this up), but that's on average. When you look at the column on the right, you can see Skript skyrocketting with a whopping 7150 ms of processing, which is by far the longest on the list. If your server freezes for 7.1 seconds, then you'd be left with a big TPS drop. I don't know how large that Skript is, but when used incorrectly (to build major plugins with), it can and will cause extreme performance issues. What does the Skript do exactly?
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  4. I am curious as well. How many lines is it?
  5. 9 skripts, from 30 lines to 300.
  6. How many GB is on your server?
    Because I ran a skript with 2k lines on mine and never had any severe lag (don't ask).
  7. I think the lag is caused by Skript's http queries, maybe time out?
    I removed Skript and TPS is 19.
    The reward is yours if you want it.
  8. Mine? If so i'll take it.
    DM the person who's it is cuz this is confusing.
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  9. Maybe its done on the main thread and thus blocks the server. PM me your Skript that involves sending HTTP requests.
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  11. Please fully restart the server. Using /reload or a plugin manager is not going to help and will only make things worse. The timings report says you have an uptime of almost 2 hours, while the initial post was less barely an hour ago.

    I think you meant me? Kinda confusing :p
  12. Just out of curiosity, what are your server specs?
  13. 30$ are yours ofc.
    I'm still getting lag: https://timings.aikar.co/?id=8ce7442d5f664530a8bacb4566123faa

    I removed AAC and rebooted the server.
  14. i7 [email protected], 16G ram allocated.
  15. 16GB is quite a bit. I would suggest lowering it so that the Java garbage collector can function correctly (Im assuming that is the ram allocated to the minecraft server.)
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  16. I can check out the script that you have and see if it can be improved. PM me if you want me to have a look.
  17. Actually, it depends. You can heavily customize how the GC behaves and probably fix things as explained here: https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/optimized-startup-flags-for-consistent-garbage-collection/13239

    Though honestly, trying them out on my server, it caused a bunch of issues so far, so you should definitely not put that in a production server right away and heavily test things first.

    The i7-64-OC from OVH that is? Then it's definitely not due to poor hardware (like the disk usually). Judging from the timings report, you're running both NoCheatPlus and (now removed) AAC. Why both? One is already pretty resource intensive. Would not recommend using two full blown anti cheats. Other than that the timings report is pretty clean now honestly. A few things that show up are ActionGUIPlus, NoCheatPlus, the suicide function in Essentials, HTrade, holographic displays, citizens and chatcontrol.

    Try updating every plugin mentioned above to the latest version. Some plugins such as Citizens have a Jenkins continuous integration build where you can always get the latest build, which may not yet be on Spigot. Try getting rid of NoCheatPlus and run AAC only. Also have a look at what your custom plugins are doing (if any). Maybe they're doing wonky stuff.

    Other than that, your server has almost 250 players. I never had such a large server (though I do plan on doing so), but maybe over 200 players is simply the bottleneck for such a server.
  18. I was mainly just basing that post off of information that I have seen being used many times in the past by reputable people. Never really investigated into it properly.
  19. He's already using those flags so that could be the problem.

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