3x i7 6700ks from Choopa

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Lurkers, May 9, 2016.

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  1. Hey,
    Basically I have a ton of advertisements up for this weekend, including a slot, several streamers and several youtubers.
    This is spread across 3 actual minecraft servers to play on.

    But anyway, here is my current setup.

    I7 6700k
    16Gb of RAM
    120gb SSD
    Hosts BungeeCord and Hub

    I7 6700k
    32Gb of RAM
    240Gb SSD
    Hosts HCF

    I7 6700k
    32Gb of RAM
    240Gb SSD
    Hosts Factions and Skyblock

    Other Information:
    I have a vLAN setup for all these boxes, so backend connectivity is excellent.
    All hosted on Choopa

    Anyway a few of my questions:
    1. Can this setup hold 750 players, HCF hitting 400, Factions hitting 250, Skyblock hitting 300.
    2. Should I look into getting more then one Bungee server? If so, how can I achieve this?

    That is about it.

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  2. 400 + 300 + 250 = 950
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  3. Yes, with some optimization it should work quite well.
  4. Yes, I was in class when writing that.
    I forgot to mention my server is capped at 750 slots, so yeah.
  5. DesiredCraft have a bunch of E3-1271v2's, 32 gig dedi's that they run the servers off of, I think your setup will be fine with (as said above) some optimisation but to be honest you're running your network off of some good single core performance so I really don't see the need to do anymore optimisation being done unless you really have to . Do you have an off site external backup dedi's or do you manually backup yourself?
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  6. If you have normal customized plugins, you have big online and small load system
  7. I personally use an i7-6700K in my desktop. Using spigot, or whatever fork (if you're using a fork), you should be able to boost the performance enough to allow decent-good gameplay to all servers.
  8. ahem, v3s.

    on this topic, hardware really doesn't make a huge difference in cases referring to 8 threaded cpus.
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  9. Ah, yeah - I do have backups being executed every 8 or so hours.
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  11. ahem v5s.......

    the tri 6700k setup should work fine and if your limited on cpu power just bump the clocks up a little if you can. it is a k skew.
  12. You're better off with an e3 for the bungeecord as bungee is multithreaded
  13. E3 vs i7 does not make much if any difference since they have equal amounts of cores/threads. Since minecraft is single-threaded, I would think that 2 dedi's are enough.

    Edit: Sorry forgot to mention they would do only with more memory
  14. The i7 has a higher clock....
  15. We have v3s, I corrected him. ;)

    As for the discussion that minecraft is single threaded, there's never been a more ridiculously wrong statement.
    Five years ago, server software was single threaded, things have changed and we've been taking more advantage of software. Minecraft servers now still have a main server thread that will cause core actions such as player movement to hang when the main server thread is stopped, but there are other threads that can take advantage of the extra processing power given the proper optimization, others might know this as "async".
    Certain cpu heavy processes can be taken off of the main server thread and put into its own, giving the main server thread more room, allowing for a higher tolerance for something like spiking.
    Here's an example of async player movement: https://www.craftimize.com/caps/NmDlklWM0.mp4
    Of course many other things can be made async, it's just a matter of it being done properly.

    Note that everything said above is dumbed down, as I'm also trying to reach everyone here who may not have extensive knowledge of how things like these work, and just assume that Minecraft can only use one thread.
  16. I decided that this setup will be fine.
    Thanks for your help everybody.
  17. JamesJ


    I think you mean E5? plz
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  18. It doesn't sound like he's got the money.
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  19. I do.
  20. just get a pair of E5-2699v4s and max them on ram. then you'll be good for about ever.

    JK those things are expensive, dont ahve the best dingle thread, and can have 1.5TB (Each) of ram
    i7-6700ks are the at the top for everything except minigames servers and even that depends on how they are setup.
    honestly those dedis will be great but, but, but, but, i would actually recommend hat you use each machine for 2-3 minecraft servers (depending on ram usage) becuase each cpu has 4 cores and 8 threads and minecraft while being "async" ( ive used this type of multi-threading before) does not use the other cores to their max so you can pile multiple servers other threads onto a single machine thread. just needs more ram. ahem e5s.
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