3x i7 6700ks from Choopa

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by Lurkers, May 9, 2016.

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  1. His setup is mainly dealing with no more than 2 servers per machine at most, especially his heavy instances which are being isolated to their own separate machines.
  2. JamesJ


    Where the feck did you get this assumption from? No where did he state that he hasn't got the money...
    If he was using OVH or SoYouStart, you could make that assumption, but he's using Choopa..
    Since when was Minecraft async..

  3. He "plans" to hit 300 on factions and 250 on skyblock, but is too stingy to put up another $150 on a seperate box?

    I mean comon 900 player server but can't even afford dedicated boxes for your machines?
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  4. False.
    I am asking if that setup is OK or not.
    I don't give two shits on buying another box.
    Stop jumping to conclusions.
  5. JamesJ


    There is a difference between being "stingy" and wasting machine space..
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  6. Since when was profit maximization a bad thing? Especially when what he's trying to achieve is possible.
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  7. I'm not sure where you guys are coming from, hosting that many key servers on one machine is just stupid.

    Could the I7 most likely get by? Yes. Is it optimal to save $150 in exchange for not splitting the boxes? No.

    Hosting 900 players you should keep in mind ensuring your uptime is as high as possible.

    If one of your boxes go down, you're down 1/2 of the players you're expecting. That can be for several hours while Choopa looks into the hardware issues figures it out and then replaces said hardware, by splitting the boxes you're ensuring the servers have enough hardware + if needed you could potentially lower your slots on the 2 servers and move them into one box in the case of issues.

    The reason you're trying to shove 500 players onto one machine isn't about "optimization" it's about saving the additional $150/$200 or so.

    You should not put all your apples (players) in one basket (server)

    *NOTE* James, he most likely got Choopa to price match OVH if you didn't you should, they have price matched a few people.
  8. JamesJ


    So you just attacked him for not getting another machine (by calling him stingy), then you say he should be even more stingy?
  9. Stingy:
    "unwilling to give or spend; ungenerous"

    Price matching isn't being stingy, that's being smart. Not willing to buy another machine to ensure the best possible experience, now that's being stingy.
  10. I have no problems in buying more machines, you hurt my feelings. :(
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  11. ahh examples are wonderful arent they. also your setup will be fine for what you want to do.

    i have no clue. i dont even know if minecraft is async. it wouldn't be hard nor surprising though. besides i usually leave a core open for the os to use so that falls under the same thing really.

    ok and. as long as there is the ram capacity there a single i7-6700k (4 physical cores operating independently from one another, and 8 threads that to the os operate separate) can handle more than one minecraft server (ONE OUT OF 4(8 logical)!) and a low load os. the only reason he would separate them is for ram, but if a single minecraft instance needs 32GB of ram you've got other problems.
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