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  1. getting this spam.
  2. Please join the discord server so I can send you a dev-built fix (which is not yet released on spigot)
  3. Done im Delsolsi#5841
  4. Anyone have a easy guide to set up mystery box? Thanks!
  5. /mb commands will give you a list of all commands
    The config should be self explainatory

    if you need more help, please join the discord server :)
  6. Well, howto I choose example a chest to be the mystery box?
  7. You'd have seen that if you'd have used /mb commands

    /mb menu vault-manager
  8. The command wont work for me..
  9. Are you using the latest version of the plugin, Sir?

    Either click this icon in the Mystery Vault:

    ...or execute this command:
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  10. Hello,there's an error occurred while players using GUI.
    I would be appreciate it if you can fix it:)
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  11. Hi! Can I use the custom command as a reward instead of an item?
  12. All rewards are given with a custom command. Items are given with the /give command as well
  13. Does this plugin support 1.8?
  14. Yep,you can use the plugin version below 3.0.0
  15. Why so far back though?