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  1. Hello, everyone!
    I got a problem with my plugin. I wanted to create a versionchecker for my GodModeAdvanced plugin so when someone has an outdated version it writes in console that a new version is available. When i was creating my function i was reffering to this tutorial:
    but it's 3 years old.
    When i enable my server this pops up :


    my code is
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  2. Use GET as http method.
  3. No i used POST but i changed it to GET and it's still the same

    This is how my code looks like after changes

    It displays, code 405

    Edit: Got it,, my final code is here if someone searches for this
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  4. Do it like md_5 shows you in the thread I linked to. Then you don't need the line
  5. Okay, i solved the problem and i uploaded it to spigot but on it still says 0.2, and my plugin is 0.2.1. Is there something wrong or i just have to wait?
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  7. Thank you for information.
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