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  2. 1. The image isn't working
    2. 140 ms is a lot, which could explain this problem
    3. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not think that plugins can interfere with the time needed to consume an item.
  3. Before I start, I'm finding it very humorous on how people name the actions of Minecraft lmao, "eating and drinking" its like I'm playing a game of real life.

    It may be due to connection issues, but even if your ping is like 700+, you should still be able to eat or do anything but it takes longer.

    It may be a plugin interfering with your consuming function. Would you mind uploading the image onto imgur or something? I can't seem to see the attached file.
  4. You are right, maybe a plugin is actually cancelling the consume event? Never seen that before though (the infinite consume animation).