$50 Budget. Where do I go?

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  1. So, I have been with Kimsufi for 2 years up until recently. All the servers on my KS-4C have been crashing simultaneously, with the timings showing different plugins causing them for each server.

    For example, 20 minutes ago 4 of my servers crashed, and another 2 only just managed to stay up, here is the timings of them:


    I have been told numerous times that Kimsufi uses old OVH technology and that I most likely have a hardware/overloaded disk issue. Best fix is to move hosts.

    $50 a month is stretching it for me, so the lower the price preferably. I am looking for a server able to support a server that can hold 40 people in peak periods, possibly more. I use quick intensive plugins, including ProjectKorra - which is extremely heavy and CPU intensive.

    I have 6 servers on the device, 1 - Bungee Server, 2 - Lobby Server, 3 - Arena, 4- Faction (most players)< Another arena and a Tournament server for occasions that has influxes of up to 30 players.

    Host would need to be in America, established and reputable, alright support. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. I had pretty good experience with netcup.de.
  3. I’d get a dedi from sys
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  4. Foxvific


    ExtraVM usually always works whenever I need reliable and affordable servers. I don't recall having a bit of downtime that wasn't caused on my end?
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  5. I have my dedis from OVH, But some months ago I worked with SYS and I was really happy with them so look at SoYouStart!
  6. Skynode or for a more decent host Anvilnode gold plans.
  7. Contabo could provide you a good host as well, they have very good performance.
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  8. ExtraVM was amazing while I was there. I can vouch for them personally.
  9. Contabo might have unbeatable price/performance but their DDoS protection is non-existent so OP would have to setup a GRE tunnel from a protected VPS or BungeeCord proxy on a protected VPS!
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  10. Yeah well that was my point, but I heard rumors that their DDoS protection is going to be improved in the near future. And in my opinion their DDoS works just fine for me! Got no problem with it, also you can do something yourself if you want to increase security on your VPS and try to mitigate the DDoS a bit.
  11. Here's a thread earlier when I was still using Contabo. I asked someone here on the forum to send an attack my way to test out the resiliency and subsequently the server was down from 40min later that night. Supposedly the attack was only 3Gb/s.

    In the thread, there's a recording of call I made to Contabo about the downtime (feigning not knowing what it was about) and I was essentially told I'm shit out of luck because their in-house Anti-DDoS (and according to the rep any anti-DDoS solution out there) is incapable of detecting such a small attack.

    Also I'm curious as to what can one do to "increase security on your VPS and try to mitigate the DDoS a bit" apart from proxying or tunneling?
  12. Had a terrible experience with them, server kept rebooting randomly and lost all playerdata on a small Minecraft server. Performance isn't that good either.
  13. Aha, well I think thats why they will improve their DDoS I suppose.
    Also you can block DDoS on your VPS when ICMP is blocked. Ports can be blocked by portsentry. Allow some ports open through portcentry and firewall. There are other ways of blocking a bit of those packets to your VPS. It just depends on what kind of attack it is and how big it is. But every small help of defending yourself against it is always good :)

    Well it depends on what system you were, but they said to me that the old systems will be updated with newer hardware and internetconnection. Also you can always message them to migrate your information to another server.
  14. So how are these solution supposed to help the VPS cope with volumetric attacks that fill the 100Mb/s bandwidth? 'Cause that's what their CS rep told me happened and was why the VPS was unreachabe.
  15. Are you talking about their VPSes?
  16. They cannot do those things with portsentry, firewall etc. Its the person who bought the service that needs to do it. Also portsentry just blocks ports which cannot be reached for DDoS. You can block ICMP so that other devices cannot ping to your machine, this however can prevent a DDoS. But there are different DDoS protocols.

    I m on my phone so grammatical errors can be visible
  17. Portsentry or "blocking ICMP" don't matter one bit when the customer can't do the stuff on the router/firewall level. Doesn't matter which ports are reachable and what protocols are allowed by the VPS/server software firewall itself because the point of failure is the conection from the VPS/host to the contabo switch(es), which is limited to 100Mb/s and can be easily saturated with a small volumetric attack because Contabo offers no firewall or actual DDoS protection funcionality.
  18. If you use a linux distribution it is possible to protect your system from DDoS by blocking ICMP. How do you think a DDoS happens? You habe multiple DDoS protocols and ICMP is the most common. You can do something about your VPS firewall. I never spoke about a router though. I was mostly speaking about the machine that you use which can be protected.
  19. WAN --(>100Gb/s)--> Contabo Network --- (1-10Gb/s) ---> Host adapter --- 100Mb/s -X ---> virtual adapter ---> My VPS

    That's what happened with me and Contabo. It doen't matter at all what ports I have open or what protocols my VPSes network config accepts because that wasn't where it went wrong. The way my Contabo VPS was DDoS was by congesting the 100Mb/s bandwidth that is reserved to it so badly that packet loss was 100% at some point.

    Please tell me how there's anything that my VPS could do to mitigate such an attack that was purely only a traditional volumetric attack(attacker's available bandwidth > target's bandwidth = target's connection is overloaded)?

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