5k chunks loaded for 14 players [ Ideas to fix it ] [Spigot 1.9.4]

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  1. hi, I'm searching for a secure way to unloadchunks
    in the day my server is full with 50/50 players I want to increase the max-players but is not possible because with 50 players the CPU is at 100%
    now at night when I use
    /lagg check survival
    I got this...


    more than 5k chunks loaded for 14 players

    and in the whole server when I use "/lagg check"
    I got this...

    more tan 12k chunks loaded for 23 players

    I want to know if is secure to use "/lagg unloadchunks" every 10 min
    • I don't know if chunks will loss data.
    • I'd like to how to test it in a secure way
    I have a test server If someone want to try with me

  2. Lower your render distance in spigot.yml, Don't lower it too far or it will be super noticeable and drive players away. I personally use 10 but see the CPU start to struggle when we reach >30 players. Actually, this made me wonder if there are any plugins that dynamically change the render distance based on players online.
  3. sure, I use 10 too
    I'm trying now "lagg unloadchunk"
    after the clearlag
    then I use "lagg check" (the whole server)
    and I got this...

    4k+ chunks loaded in the whole server

    but I'm not sure if this is safe, because I don't know the algorithm of "lagg unloadchunk"
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  4. 10 chunk render distance means 21x21 chunks loaded per person (The one you're standing on and 10 in each direction), or 441 chunks per person. (It's of course less when people are within 20 chunks of each other, since it would overlap) so with 14 people online you could reach up to 6k chunks. You can reduce the loaded by a third if you reducing the distance to 8, by half if you reduce it to 7, by almost 2/3 if you reduce it to 6.
    Just figure out what works best for you.

    PS: in 1.9 and up the client will keep chunks within their render distance loaded. So if my client has a distance of 12, and the server has 8, then I could potentially keep the 9-12 chunks loaded in my client, even if they're unloaded from the server. So you can lower the render distance without impacting your players much.