$60/Month Budget - Looking for Reliable/Excellent Support Shared Hosting Service

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  1. Some background first, I currently host with BosectHosting, you'll see them being recommended often on threads and list of best server sites, however, my experience with them has been very very poor. From misinterpreting support tickets to improper backups to not even being able to tell me the specs of the machine I was being hosted on and many other reasons I've decided to look for another host. The hard part is they are relatively cheap and have live support and lots of promos.
    I've tried dedicated before and I realized its just not for me, I enjoy the ease of a hosting service with multicraft control panel, backups and live support.

    So in a nutshell here is what I am looking for on a $60/month budget:
    Unlimited Slots
    16gb min ram
    DDoS Protection
    Full FTP access
    Free Dedicated IP
    Free MySQL DB
    Eastcoast/Canada Hosting Location
    EXCELLENT Live Chat Support
    Multicraft Control Panel
    Shared Hosting (So please no dedicated hosting suggestions)
  2. With a budget like that, I can't see why you would want to stick with shared hosting.
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  3. Well like I mentioned I did try dedicated before and it didn't go well. Having to purchase my own control panel as well as no support and lack of sys-admin experience shared hosting is easier for me to manage.
  4. OVH has always been a great service provider.
  5. isn't OVH strictly dedicated though or does it have shared hosting options as well?
  6. You would have too look through their site, as far as I know though they're dedicated servers. Having a dedi really is nice though, being able to have control over your own server.
  7. I've heard that argument many times however, I haven't heard people discuss the problems and struggles of dedicated much. For me, i was thrown for a loop by and very unprepared for quite a few things. Such as "oh, you have to buy your own control panel, and the good ones you have to pay a monthly fee for, you have to install your own operating system, you have to do your own setup, ect. ect. Shared hosting gives me the piece of mind of one less thing to worry about.

    Would anyone know of exceptional shared hosting providers?
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    Since you want "EXCELLENT Live Chat Support" basically 60% of all hosts go out the door right now. If you need 24/7 technical support for Minecraft servers there's really not many, even the expensive ones, that will give great live chat support. It's a huge hassle to provide, not only the technicality but the security and demand. There's plenty of hosts who don't offer live chat support but have ticket replies under 15-30 minutes.
  9. You need to learn linux.
    It's not that hard.Also,you don't need a panel.
    That budget can hold 500 players.

    On a shared you can only get ~100
    You decide.

    Follow this steps :

    - Buy a dedicated server from Hetzner or soyoustart.

    - Select centos 7 as the host.

    - Do the following commands
    Yum install java
    Yum install screen

    - Place your files in the folder /home/(server name)

    - run CD /home/(server)

    - do screen -S (server)

    - run sh start.sh

    You can use console via screen -r (server)

    That's it ! Seems harder than it really is.Also,budget should be ~40 Euro.
    Use the rest in advertising
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  10. I'm amazed (or maybe not) at how many people can't read the original post. Read, people, it's not hard.

    I have not used any of the following, repeat, I have no experience with these. Anvilnode is located in Piscataway, NJ.. minecraftserver.net, exodushosting.net, and mineocityhosting.com are all supposedly in New York City (in the shadow of the #1 terrorist target on the continent, not necessarily a good location).

    Other things to ask about is if they allow custom jars and if they provide access with phpMyAdmin.
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  12. With a budget like that choosing a shared host would be a stupid move. Buy a dedicated server, even if the setup is "hard" it's a one time thing and after a while you get used to it.
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  13. Just go with a dedicated server from
    SoyouStart and hire some one to set up a control panel.
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  15. MCProhosting has pretty good support (they will re-open their 24/7 Live Chat soon), but it's not cheap.
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  17. And even more posts from people who don't bother to read the original post.
  18. I thank each of you for your responses. Perhaps I can give some more insight into why I do not wish to switch to dedicated hosting at this time, as so many of you are suggesting. In short, I am doing this solo, I have no staff minus my other owner who manages chat and assist players in game. So with 2 full time jobs outside of gaming, finding the time to keep my website up to date and improving, work with developers to create custom plugins, update and fix bugs for current plugins as well as many other tasks, the additional task of learning linux and dedicated hosting setup and maintenance is too much for me at this time. Again i appreciate all the comment made so far, you will be able to assist me much greater however by suggestions for shared hosting. Hopefully now it makes more sense why. :D
  19. :/ Why should you go with shared hosting with a budget off $60 a month we all read the post you dumbass. We're just giving him advice maybe he is asking for shared host / hosting service with multicraft control panel but if we think there is a mutch better way let us tell him. Why should you go with hosting service with multicraft control panel if you just could get a dedicated server and let it be setup with a multicraft control panel by some one this will be mutch cheaper + better performance.
  20. If you know of a host that can provide exceptional ticket support in those timeframes i would love to hear your suggestions. Generally speaking, i look for live chat as a sign that a host has above average support, and I won't be waiting days for a response, however, i have experienced myself that just because a host has live chat doesn't always mean they are very knowledgeable/helpful/friendly, hence why I mentioned I'm looking for excellent live chat support. I work long and unusual hours and generally speaking many hosts support are offline during the hours i need help the most.