600 chunks loaded with 1 person on?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by AndGK, Apr 23, 2017.

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  1. Hey guys. So I'm building server on a local host for a few months now and I recently noticed that I have 600+ chunks loaded for no reason with just me being online... Is it suppose to be like that or is there any way to do something with it? Or are those offline chunks as well?
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  2. On our build server we end up having 4000+ Chunks loaded when no players on, i believe its because of previously loaded chunks staying loaded. We use ClearLagg's /lagg unloadchunks and it is fixed ! I do that once a week usually.
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  3. if you have things such as redstone ect it will always keep those chunks loaded
  4. Have a look at your plugins as well. Back in the early days when I was very naive with QuickShop, I would accidentally trigger loading chunks mistakenly!

    This is an instance of when the Bukkit API was too forgiving and would just load chunks because a location was requested.

    * Make sure you can replicate the chunk loading first (Eg. Do you boot, and the chunks are loaded? Do you have to log in and out first?)
    * Consider visualising the loaded chunks somehow. I did this with Dynmap once, back in the day, and discovered some freaky behaviour from McMMO at the time.

    Possible cause:
    * Spawn zones are loaded by world management plugins or your properties file
    * Plugins are using those locations errornously
    * Plugins are rightfully forcing those locations to be loaded

    * Disable all your plugins, see if the issue remains
    * Bisect your plugins until the strange chunks appear again
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  5. You should try using this plugin https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/nospawnchunks.
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  6. electronicboy

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    not really all too much of an issue, spawn chunks will be loaded for the main world which compromises of more chunks than you'd expect, bukkit also has a chunk GC feature that will try to unload chunks after so many chunks have been loaded/unloaded, throwing a plugin at such a system is likely going to cause more performance issues than just letting the server do its thing, if you're having issues you can try tweaking the values inside bukkit.yml, instead of throwing another plugin at the issue.

    Considering spawn chunks loaded, and the chunks around you, and the fact that the server itself is somewhat too relaxed on automatically unloading chunks, chunk GC was born, and will take care of that for you without doing stupid stuff in a plugin.

    also, the nature of the bukkit API is that it remains relatively stable, plugins from 1.4 can work just fine still in a fair chunk of cases, the usage of NMS these days somewhat breaks that idea entirely, but still, that plugin is just using methods in the API to do what it wants to do... (Which what the plugin does is somewhat outdated considering the bukkit chunk GC was added and fixed... and the fact that it blatantly tries to run garbage collections of the heap that will likely just waste clock cycles on your server...)
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  7. In my opinion, 600 chunks is normal
    If it's over 1000 chunks with 1 players , for me that's unusual

    You can try React ,This is not advertising!! I use it and it work really well to keep server TPS 19.8+ even with a lot of chunk loaded (Redstone & Liquid suppression is really nice :) )
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  8. Most Clearlag plugins provide no use, they can actually create more lag. There have been many posts saying "Lag Issues" etc. Most of the solutions was removing React, and the problem was fixed. Don't use Clearlag plugins, instead take time, and adjust some settings. Plugins like StackMob helps with farms, etc.
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  9. I personally never have issue with react
    Do you have timings report from those threads? I'm really curious what module cause that issue
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  10. Check out this thread.

    Quoted from @vJuggerz.
  11. electronicboy

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    Over on paper we're shown several set of timings every month with major issues, which upon removing react, will either solve the problem or actually allow us to see what the issue is.

    React is known to screw with timings in order to do what it does, makes a mess of timings causing information to either be removed completely from timings or hidden behind Reacts timings going stupid, as well as react causing its own lag... (I mean, says something, when a plugin that is supposed to be massively magical at fixing performance issues, has performance fixes itself...). if you want to reduce lag, configure your server properly, or look into patching the server, don't expect a plugin to fix performance on the server without breaking stuff/causing their own set of issues.
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  12. If you are using PaperSpigot

    enderpearls: false
    tnt-entities: false
    falling-blocks: false
  13. @PaichYT Where's that? I couldn't find that in paper.yml.
  14. If you are using Paper and want to keep your spawn chunks as well as size them down for any kind of always active command blocks. You can use,


    And turn it down to what ever number you would like.
  15. You must to have PaperSpigot
  16. electronicboy

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    Those options where removed in later versions of paper due to paper no longer supporting that after spigot removed a fair chunk of the framework that was used for it. No reason it couldn't be reimplemented, just a lot of work that nobody really has the time for.

    In this case, people are worrying about a non-issue. loaded chunks are not a problem, and if they're not being unloaded, that's generally a sign of that they need to remain loaded, or you have a plugin or redstone or other on the map that is keeping those chunks loaded.
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