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    To be honest if you want a unique server it's best to configurate it yourself, and perhaps get custom or premium plugins? There's someone who's giving away plugins, with the config's configurated, however mc-market is under going maintenance at this time. You can find his post under the forums, servers.
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  3. If you are not putting in effort to your own server, dont make it.

    Its already enough 100% similiar Faction Servers out there.
    If you dont plan on adding custom/cool/unique stuff to a Factions server, please dont make one. Its not needed.
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  4. @Riaz @Inkzzzmc I made my own server with custom plugins etc but i want some inspiration thats why i want a plugin folder to see uhm that will be added soon etc.
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    Just go around on servers and look at there unique features, and perhaps link them with some idea(s) of your own.
  6. I agree, you don't want to be just like every other server, you want your server to be unique and different, thats what attracts the players. However if you are having some trouble looking for inspiration via plugins, you could hop on some servers and check what plugins other servers have. Most block the /pl command, however for some reason, most don't block the /? command which is literally the same thing ;)
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