65.26 Mbps 124,067 pps Attack

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by SexyMime, May 6, 2013.

  1. Hello, i have the 1 gig ddos package at Staminus.
    My attacks are "65.26 Mbps 124,067 pps"
    They dont offer a 2gb package and I cant afford the 5gb package @ 500$ a month

    What should I do
  2. Sorry to show my ignorance with the Staminus/Intreppid packages, but most seem to be "Shared 10 Gbps / 1000k PPS DDoS Protection". Unless you went with hosting from them as well, but from the other thread I gathered you were with OVH?

    edit: Ohhh, you went with these ones? -> https://www.staminus.net/SecurePort-Proxy
  3. Asking them if they can refund me and let me move there -_-
  4. Still getting attacked? Geez you must have really pissed off that 12 year old
  5. yep...4 days now