[$700] Budget PC Build.

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  1. Hello spigot, I am in need of a new PC. This will be used as a workstation/gaming PC. I already have the following purchased.

    What I have Purchased.
    - Monitor
    - Keyboard, Mouse, Headphones, etc.

    What I am need.
    - 8gb of ram
    - This case
    - GTX 760+
    - Windows 8.1 (64bit)

    PS, Please use PCPartPicker for everything.

    Thank you,

    - RogerZach
  2. If you want a pc for as little as that your going to have to do some searching for parts but here is a really good cheep one:
  3. Why the case? Just choose better parts, then once you get the money you can upgrade! The case is taking away $130 from the build..
  4. exactly, if i was you go for
    1. An SSD (there amazeing!!!)
    2. You dont need to spend the money on a newish gpu get a 660 or something like that and there amazing i run an i7 4770k and a gtx 680 runs every game i throw at it flawlessly
    3. Ram 8gb is perfect and make sure you get the cooler master 212 evo for the cpu cooler, is it by far the best bang for your buck cooler

    If you want me to show you my rig and also a really good cheep one for about 500-650 the let me know.
    You dont need the best things for minecraft or any game as a matter of fact its all about picking the parts you need

  5. I have everything razer. Yes I am spending a bit more on parts. I am going to upgrade within the next year and like my things to match. and I want water cooling and imo the colors look cool.
  6. watercooling is hundreds if not thousands of dollars, and there is no point in watercooling unless you useing really high end parts, the reason you watercool is to squeeze the utmost out of your rig
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  8. Eugh, I know that blinking lights are cool but why? Also, backpanel is a dick to anything that you want to plug into that, ALSO why all the damn ventilators! AND WATER COOLING!! Sorry, I just watched a lot of Cinema Sins.

    You should go with @frash23 's build without the case.
  9. That cpu is a bottleneck for that graphics card.
    AMD fx 4350 bottlenecks a 770 and the gtx 970 is almost 50% faster than the 770.
  10. I got a raise and a little sever money and raised my buget and now have $1300 to build it. I am going to order most the parts on Amazon prime day. (July 15th)
  11. might want to look into getting at least a 8350 would be good for a workstation + you have extra cores for what ever since games only use 4 max (most) only game Ik of using all 8 is bf4.
  12. With your new budget, i made a pretty nice build. However, there is the slight problem that your case is not compatible with a dvd drive which is required to install an operating system:(
  13. Fun saving fact: Buy Windows 7 and get the Windows 10 for free.
  14. Yeah microsoft is offering it as an apology for windows 8
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  15. Fun saving fact: Sign up to Windows Insider and get Windows 10 for free
  16. Fun fact: Install gentoo
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  17. Fun fact: Make your own extremely unstable and insecure os
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  18. What I said was a joke, but you'll definitely get a much, much better result than any other major OS on the market.

    EDIT: Damn, should've noticed. Fighting fire with fire are we?
  19. Ya know, I tried Linux mint one but a driver update broke it :( Maybe I'll try a different edition another day