9 Years of SpigotMC | Spigot & BungeeCord 1.18-1.18.2 Release

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  1. Amazing work, thank you as always!
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  2. Many congratulations on the anniversary of nine years of Spigot
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  3. Nine years! Wow, time flies by. Congratulations on lasting this long, and I hope SpigotMC continues to exist for years to come.

    In response to @md_5 , the only Gradle plugin I can think of that supports Bukkit and Spigot changes along with allowing development with Mojang mappings is Paper's Paperweight. I guess the only disadvantage for Spigot specifically here would be the fact that it also supports Paper's additions, which may be confusing for people wanting to just use Spigot.
    The other alternative I can think of is someone writing a SpecialSource Gradle plugin, though I don't know if anyone would be up for that.

    An example of how to use Paperweight for Gradle, for those who are interested, would be something like:
    Code (Text):
    plugins {
        id("io.papermc.paperweight.userdev") version "1.1.15-SNAPSHOT"

    repositories {

    dependencies {

    tasks {
        build {
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  4. Good. I hope the API can finally start to evolve properly, instead of having some hacky mess for backwards compat for 5 year old versions.
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  5. 9 years of Spigot! Thank you for your hard work!
  6. emmmm,If I want to try to open a minecraft 1.18pre5 test server, can I use the latest build to build a test version?
  7. 17 out of 44 failed to load on my server. Some of them probably because they depend on others which failed. e.g., WorldEdit failed, which caused other plugins to die.

    Ah, we'll get there soon enough.
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  8. 1.18-pre6 is out.

    The game now saves chunks whenever there is time spare to reduce autosave spikes
  9. RiotShielder


    Wow, nine years is incredible! Congrats @md_5.
  10. Thanks Spigot team for all your work! <3

    And of course, congrats on the 9 years!
  11. Congrats! 9 yrs already!!, Thanks to everyone who's been unselfishly committed, giving up their own free time to keeping this application updated fro the members to use. From the bottom of my heart thank you all.
  12. Well this is bad. xInventories throws an exception, and the author, x128, hasn't been on since March 2020.

    Although, maybe it's a snakeyaml error?
    Exception - https://pastebin.com/eiSRMDdu
  13. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Spigot bug, I've just fixed. You'll need to delete/restore any .yml inventories from that plugin that were saved in 1.18-pre5
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  14. Great! Thanks!
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  15. 1.18!
    thank you
  16. Thank you for 9 years of hard work & saving the Minecraft community.
  17. How can I access NMS in 1.18-pre5? BuildTools only built this for me:

    Do I really have to extract the inner .jar file and manually install it to my maven repo?