99% of players are using Hackclients on my Server

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by KollegahDerBoss, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I have around 120-150 players online on my Server (Used to be 180-220 before Mapreset).

    The Problem is, my Server has the label as "Hacker-Server".

    I have tried many different ways, from banning them 1 month, banning them 3 months, making short 24-hours ban, 1 week ban, made it so that players can report hackers, put some AntiCheat Plugins which didn't work very well, nothing has worked.

    To keep my playerbase, I decided to stick with 24-hour-bans, but people are always getting upset that hackers aren't being banned, but use hackclients themselves.

    This thing is really frustrating me. Most of my income comes from Hackers, so banning them altogether permanently would be the same as closing the Server.

    My idea was opening a new Server and connecting it with Bungeecord, where I don't allow hacks and ban Hackers permanently - while on the other Server allowing "modified clients".

    I would be happy to hear your advice.
  2. Use anti-hack plugins and ban players who do hack. Learn how to identify hackers and you should be fine.
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  3. The idea of keeping a 'hacking' server, and a legit server sounds pretty good. You can keep the hackers happy, but also continue on with a legit playerbase.
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  4. But what's to stop hackers from using the legit servers?

    Also, put your profile pic on Spigot, instead of Gravatar. I don't need anymore trackers in my browser.
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  5. If he makes the server separate, like name etc, then he should be fine.

  6. Here's what I would do if I were you.
    Start perm banning hackers. Add an "unban" purchase on your buycraft for $10 - $30. Make it only purchasable one time per account and make sure your players know this. If they get banned for hacking, buy the unban, and continue to hack, ban them. They can either fuck off or ban evade and have to buy their rank over again.

    I don't think the idea of having one server for hacking and one server with no hacks would work well. What would be the point in pvping on a "hacker" server, if you know everyone you pvp will have anti-kb, killaura, aimbot, etc.
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  7. I actually had a cool idea. But you need a player base so I scrapped it.
    In titan fall if you cheat you can only get matched up with other cheaters.

    Why not do the same but in minecraft?
    So why not that once the cheater is convicted next time he connects he goes to a cheater world where its all cheaters!
    nice eh
  8. Im assuming you have tried nocheatplus and some type of antiaura. How are they still hacking?
  9. Doesn't GTA do something like that? Like if your rep drops below X or you're caught hacking, they put you in a lobby full of people like you (with a dunce hat).
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  10. emm if Someone trying to Hack My Server Im Also try to Ddos Them too
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  11. Titan fall has a hack system like that if your caught hacking you join lobbys with other hackers only.
  12. joehot200


    Get an Anti-Hacking plugin to block hackers. I had exactly the same problem as you, which is why I developed AntiAura, or there's possibly some other alternatives around nowadays.