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  1. theextinction submitted a new resource:

    No Mob Ai - Removes Mob's AI and stops regular mob spawning!

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  2. Please update to 1.7 as soon as possible, i would love to add this to my network!
  3. bump. i would really love this and i bet a TON of other people would love this on 1.7!
  4. This is freaking ridiculous! In 1.9 this is 1 line of code that you would be using. That is not deserving of premium, let alone 5 freaking dollars!
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  5. any updates for no ai for 1.7?
  6. Does it work with 1.8.8 paperspigot?
  7. Yes it does.
  8. NoMobAi has been updated to support 1.7.10 / 1.8.8 / 1.10, More coming soon
  9. Then go do it on 1.9 your self, Do not insult people with out a reason.
  10. GuillaumeVDN


    Why is this premium ? o:
  11. because it is a one of its kind plugin, Only 1 other like it on spigot. And this one will be updated alot as im learning java alot more now.
  12. GuillaumeVDN


    Maybe, but I think that's not a reason. This is not because a plugin is new in its kind that it should necessarily be premium.
  13. GuillaumeVDN


    For the features it brings, I do not think it should be.
  14. New features being added, Any suggestions?
  15. can you add support for the mob stacker plugin? As of now when you kill a zombie that is stacked it kills the whole stack.