A alternative of HubThat

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  1. What type of plugin do you need?
  2. Something like HubThat with a spawnpoint for each world and a /hub
  3. I guess 1.8 or higher, so it will suport 1.8.6.
  4. cool thanks!
  5. joehot200


    A plugin that simple wouldn't be likely to use any NMS code, and considering the commands, then I'd guess it could theoretically be compatible from anywhere between version 1.1 and 1.8.6, presuming that the Bukkit API has not changed too much.
  6. Plugin doesnt work :/
  7. If your looking for a very High-Quality Hub plugin, I would suggest HubBasics. Works with both Spigot and BungeeCord 1.8 and above.

    I use it on my server so you know its good....
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  8. Thankyou but wasnt really what i was looking for :(
  9. Hey, I have this for you if you want, (does not include /hub) but spawn per world command like what you asked,
    Code (commandsofspawntp (Unknown Language)):

    • /setspawn (Sets the spawn)

    • /setspawn <world> (Sets world spawn)

    • /setspawn <firstjoin> (sets firstjoin spawn if enabled)

    • /spawn (sends you to spawn)

    • /spawn <playername> (sends player to spawn)

    • /spawntp (Tells you the plugin info)

    • /spawnloc (Tells you the spawn location)

    • /worldspawn (Teleports you to world spawn)
    Hope it helped :)
  10. Does it work with 1.8?
  11. Yes, it works.
  12. It doesnt let me set the spawn for each world :/ it just says this:
  13. Check your perms or add this perm to yourself *
  14. Mhhh.. I'll check this on my server, I need to go to school now.
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