A Chance For All Youtubers Please READ!!

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  1. Hi I'm Zach. I play under the name LeffMC and I own GladioPVP.net. We are a unique custom Factions server who has recently merged with the TROLLZ.tv Network, and HendrixMC.net, very successful servers with some of the best PvP'ers in the world.

    I am here to offer a 30-50% sponsorship deal for youtubers with above 15,000 Sub base and average above 3,000 views per video. I am looking for a series with a bunch of fun games. As the owner, I will provide a smooth experience for you and your viewers and whatever perms you require to make an exciting series.

    My primary responsibility is taking care of the players day-to-day. My partners and I are very skilled at monetizing and community management so with your sub base we would all share quite a lot of profit!

    To arrange a sponsorship, please add me on skype: leffzach, or email me at <[email protected]>.

    - Zach @ GladioPvP.net

    For the youtubers that dont reach that base and average under that range we are offering anyone looking to do free series and start on a unique network Youtuber or Youtuber + depending on your sub base, this may also be a chance for you to grow your channel.

    Either Way anyone interested in anything Ive stated add me or email me.
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  2. We are all server owners here... not youtubers... (Except me)...
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