A crates kinda plugin with keys?

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  1. I know that CratesReloaded has keys but im thinking of something like this:
    Users can with "kit keys" from normal crates which are just an extra item that will be added in game with plugins. Then that key can be used to redeem the kit from either command or another crate on cooldown of like 1 day. So crate uses that key to open but doesnt actually remove the key but has cooldown. Then the user can trade the "kit key" with another player where another player can now use key to redeem that same kit while the person who sold it cant redeem it as he doesnt have the key anymore (unless he had duplicate key)

    Sorry thats a lot to take in but help me plz :)
  2. Explain more. I really don't understand
  3. Sorry i just realized how much i overcomplicated this, so you know right how crates have keys, basically a crate plugin where users can open crates with keys but the keys arent used up so i could open 1000 crates with that 1 key (on a cooldown ofcourse) and then I could someone the key and now they open the crate as long they have the key. The basic idea is there will be a pvp kit which users can redeem every x days as long as they have the key. The key is not replenished on use it has infinite uses but you must have key in hand to open the crate. Now lets say i trade the key with my friend so now he can open this crate since he has the key.
    Even simpler= plugin with
    1. 1 key can be used infinitely
    2. can be used my multiple people (as long they have the key) {so tradable basically}
    3. a cooldown on when you can open crate so people dont just spam and open crates all day with infinite key :)
    I hope that simplifies it xdf
  4. I highly doubt that exists. If you want a basic crate plugin use CrazyCrates or CrateKeys. You'll need a custom plugin for the rest.
  5. Check out CrazyCrates. I doesn't have the infinite key, but it is a great crate plugin!
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