Spigot A Descent Essentials Kit Preview 1.0.3

A GUI Kit Preview Plugin for EssentialsX

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    A Descent Essentials Kit Preview - A GUI Kit Preview Plugin for EssentialsX

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  2. Good plugin how i can change the messages?
  3. Unfortunately in this version there is no way to change the messages. I can add it in an update in a day or two though! :)
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  4. CRITICAL BUG: Im using askyblock and the visitor players can open the chests of other players!, i tested it when i plug de plugin the error comes!
  5. I'm not sure how my plugin would be causing this since ASkyBlock is a completely unrelated plugin. The only code that my plugin interfaces with is EssentialsX. Could you maybe provide a bit more detail?
  6. I dont'know dont show errors in console, but when i put the ADEKP that ocurs, i think your plugins modify something in the chestopen event or inventoryopen event i dont know
  7. Just checked the source code for my plugin. The only time inventory events are modified is when the inventory has a specific name and is closed or clicked on. ADEKP does not modify any inventory open events. Unfortunately, this error seems like it has something to do with ASkyBlock and is out of the scope of my plugin.
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  8. And as far as I can tell, ASkyBlock only interacts with inventories that has specific names. BentoBox handles that a bit better though, it keeps track of which inventories were opened and thus only handles these ones.