A disturbing trend with plugins

Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Bobcat00, Jan 26, 2020.

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  1. At least it's disturbing to me... I've noticed some plugins, both free and premium, charging a monthly subscription fee to activate all the plugin's features. If this trend continues, server owners may end up paying multiple monthly subscriptions to continue running.

    My understanding is that plugins were never intended to be a major source of income to the plugin authors. They were supposed to allow authors to share their creations and support the Spigot community by allowing people to provide improved and customized servers. Premium plugins were allowed as a way to reward authors for their hard work in creating more complicated plugins.

    Now you download/purchase a plugin, and after you get it, you discover there are additional features which were not mentioned on the overview page that are available only after paying a monthly fee, which also isn't mentioned on the overview page. In some cases, the fee unlocks an "improved" feature, which is another way of saying you're getting a crippled feature unless you pay by the month.

    I don't know how other people feel about this, nor what should be done, if anything. But this is supposed to be a hobbyist site (right?), not one providing plugins that we have to pay for every month.
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  2. Can you link a few plugin(s) like that or send them in PM in case you don't want to advertise them, it's just that I have never seen one till now.

    By the way, I never knew a trend like that was going on nor I could imagine one going to live, any way shouldn't premium plugins with that kind of feature getting banned or something ? If I'm not mistaken a subscription plugin would work by fetching data from xyz server to see if the owner is a subscriber and as far as I know spigotMC doesn't allow something like that(I mean fetching data from a server as premium plugins should be able to work on an offline network).

    P.S not sure about the last two (2) lines.
  3. I think the Spigot loophole is that for the free/paid download, you get what's described on the plugin overview page. But for the subscription fee, it might be contacting an external server for authorization, or maybe the author provides a different .jar file.

    However it's implemented, I don't like it, and it goes against the spirit of the community (in my opinion).
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  4. Optic_Fusion1

    Resource Staff

    I guess this could be considered trying to bypass premium guidelines, @md_5
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  5. You are right in that it is disturbing, that shouldn't be allowed. What a disgusting practice
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  6. I've noticed a recent trend in people trying to turn plugins into a way to make big money.

    This is seriously wrong. Modding/Game edits have been free for many many years and for many many games.

    Its a hobby, something fun, enjoyable and something that you can share to that games community.

    Making money from plugins, I feel, is wrong. Well at least, on the scale as mentioned by the OP.
    A few premium plugins here and there are cool, but its getting stupid now...
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  7. Choco


    Agreed and I'm aware of a couple that do this. I was under the impression that this was already explicitly disallowed, but I'm not sure it is. However, it should be. md_5 was already mentioned earlier so we'll see his take on this.
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  8. I wouldn't call it disgusting. I don't want to take away anyone's livelihood, but I just don't think it was intended for Spigot and all the plugins to be a money-making enterprise.
  9. The point is that if you're gonna have a plugin be subscription based or pay-per-update or something along those lines it should at least be clearly mentioned on the plugin page. If it's not you'd be deceiving people
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  10. Still those plugins are not allowed on spigot im very sure thats not allowed on here OP if you see any plugins doing this click the report button
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  11. I recommend that you all report such plugins when you stumble upon them. I doubt this practice is allowed.
  12. Just report the plugins, write a review and a negative comment. Something like this is unacceptable
  13. mythicmobs is an example, non monthly paying owners have to wait months for new update to become available for free, so it's not as bad as full no features for non-paying owners
  14. As a developer myself I don't see why it would be considered "disturbing" if you're charging users to monthly in order to use your resource, developers are still spending time to improve the resource and release updates for it so if someone wants to charge for that or to unlock extra features, it's totally fine by me (from a developer's and buyer's perspective). Though I do not agree with not specifically mentioning such fees anywhere, if you're going to charge more (for future updates) or there are unlockable features - the buyer must know that before purchasing your resource. I'd also like to point out that authors with such practices should be punished, not because it's "scummy" or any of such meme reasoning but because it's breaking the rules on the platform they're making a profit from (and even if it was allowed, they should be punished if they're not mentioning such fees).

    As for this site being a "hobbyist" site, I also do not agree, SpigotMC is a forum and a storefront, developers put actual work hours into their resources and the I believe 99% of premium resource authors do it for the money their product can generate, otherwise, it would just be free.

    Whoever says stuff along the lines of "modding has been free for years", "making money from plugins is wrong" or other kinds of such bs, you can spend your free time "modding" features yourself instead of expecting everything to be free to use.
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  15. That's a beautiful aspect of captilism that this touches: if you don't make your customers happy with your product, be it the products contents or the sales model, somebody else will come along and take away your customers. :) eventually.

    In any case: an author is allowed to charge whatever he wants for his product. (unless it's against the marketplace's guidelines of course).

    Free stuff is nice! I'm with you.

    But nobody owes you anything for free. You're not entitled. (not adressing OP, speaking generally)
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  16. In my opinion, this practice is not disgusting. However, I believe that this practice is against Spigot's guidelines, so it should not be happening on here until this rule changes.
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  17. Authors that charge a subscription for their plugin can suck a dick. They won't get my money. I don't care - but their plugins aren't that amazing or transforming, and based on the history of this website and their resources: even the big plugin have periods of no support, no help, no updates, no real new features etc.

    It's a waste of money if you fall into this and anybody giving monthly subscriptions to use a plugin just to get their features should not partake in this nonsense: Pay with your wallet: don't buy it. It sends a signal that it doesn't work.

    If someone has a one time fee or a donation button, that's fine. if they offer patreon or github subscription just so you can support the author (completely stand alone from the plugin(s)...) i think that's fine.

    But having plugins be like "get this, but not that and the other, unless you pay monthly", get out.. it honestly isn't worth a hundred bucks. If you want a real job with real monthly payments: get a java job with some big company,.. common now.

    oh yeah, let me guess, all the devs here think my opinion is uncalled for or incorrect; gee what a surprise.

    That's a two way street, the developers aren't entitled to anything either. It's just up to them to make an open source project, or to change a download fee for it.

    @op said disturbing, not disgusting :p
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  18. I wasn't quoting the OP, I was giving my general opinion. Someone did say disgusting by the way. Also you should merge your posts with the edit button.
  19. Ah ok, yeah - just saw the post. I had that user on ignore for some reason; didn't see it first
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  20. So, developers shouldn't be able to make any extra buck for maintaining their resource and releasing updates for it? I'm specifically talking about a temporary license system that will allow buyers to get updates for a limited amount of time, like a year for example (how most xenforo add-ons work for example). I'm not talking about hidden extra fees for full access to the plugin.
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