Solved A error occurred when i press /tpr

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  1. I am using EssentialsX, last night i want to test /tpr and error happend.

    But i don't want to using any other rtp plugins, so any body could help me to solve it?

    PaperSpigot 1.16.5 #778
    EssentialsX Dev Latest Version
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  2. This error appeared when Spigot 1.17 was first released. Rebuild 1.17 Spigot.
  3. emm, i am using the paperspigot 1.16.5, not 1.17. -_-~~
  4. Are you using the latest version of the Essentials plugin?
  5. Yes, i am using the latest dev version of EssentialsX
  6. Then it could be a version error. not sure
  7. Actually, i had tried stable version and dev version of EssentialsX, but both of them occurred errors
  8. Then it's a PaperSpigot error.
  9. OK, i will try the non-paper version of spigot then
  10. oh no, both of paper and non-paper error
  11. I solved it by set the tpr center, now that is alright!!!