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  1. I need a free plugin for when you do /staff it shows you online staff for 1.8 server
  2. https://ufile.io/h8vnn
    permission to use the command: staff.allow
    you can change this messages in the config like:
    staff.message1 is the first message in this screen (use & for the color)
    staff.message2 is the second message (and also the third) (use & for the color and %staff% for the name of the stuff dont change that)
    and you can add staff members in the config under
    Have a nice day.
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    Only problem with the one linked is it is a static list; it doesn't indicate who is online. Just dumps the list of staff. Just Google it OP, there are a zillion online staff plugins.
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  4. Oh didnt saw that you can now change if you want the list of any staff member or just the ones who are online under staff.member.online (if true just the online ones if false everyone)
    My bad
    //Edit they need to have the permission
    staff.member to be a staff
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  6. OK i will try the new plugin
  7. I would like one that shows there rank ex. [SubMod], [Admin] etc. and then there name

    Edit: It would also be nice if they could toggle something that made then either available or unavailable then it would say if they were after there name and if you hovered over there name it would say (Click to msg (Rank player) for help) if they were available and if they are not available it says something like ((Rank player) is not available at this time please try someone else or try again later) and if they were available if you clicked on there name it would tell you the command to MSG them.
  8. For 1.8, I really liked mrStaffList. The mr being mineridge. It seems to break with newer versions sadly or I'd use it for 1.13 myself.
  9. OK ill try that. does it work if your just using it on one server (not bungeecord) and do i need a MySQL database if i'm not using bungeecord?
  10. It says it requires a database. You should try one of the alternatives.
  11. Yes, it can work without Bungeecord but it does require a database. You can find mysql databases for free relatively easy though, heres one host I've used https://www.000webhost.com/free-mysql-hosting
  12. I can give you one that does this, kind of like Playerz but more updated. Though it is custom and therefor has no documentation publicly but it allows you to add staff a permission and them to be added to a group (configurable) in /list. I have not used it since 2015 but it should work on 1.8.8.
  13. Does it have any Of there features?
    and the plugin that requires a MySQL database doesn't work...
  14. Message me your errors if you want to use it. It works but you're probably configuring it wrong
  15. I sent you a friend request on discord

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