Solved A Good Anti-Cheat for my Minecraft Server.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Richard_Noodle, Aug 9, 2021.

  1. Hi there! Recently I've created a Mc server, but seems like cheaters keep on joining and ruining the fun for others playing the game legit. I was wondering if there was any good anticheat for free that would block bad modifications? Thanks!
  2. Hi, it's too hard to find good AntiCheat.
  3. But I can recommend some. For example: the Matrix, Spartan
  4. I more recommend Matrix. Do you need anything else?
  5. Dude dont send so many replies to boost your message count.
    In answer to the question Spartan is good but it is payed, so is Vulcan.
    Decent free anti cheats are NoCheatPlus and AntiCheatReloaded.
    Hope this helps and have a nice day.
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  6. I'll check it out..
  7. alr, ill check them out aswell! Thanks! :)
  8. I am not farming messages, I was searching some plugins :)
  9. Feel free to check my signature.
  10. alr
    im checking now
  11. i said in my post "free" not paid..
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  12. Okay, do you need anything else?
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  13. You're welcome, have a nice day!